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Dodgers Option Tony Gonsolin One Day After Scoreless Start

It looks like Tony Gonsolin is going to be the new Brock Stewart for the Dodgers in 2020. Just one day after a scoreless outing against the Mariners, he has once again been optioned back to the alternate location at USC.

Gonsolin is coming off of a start where he threw 6 shutout innings and allowed just 2 hits to the Mariners. The Dodgers’ bullpen did give up the lead though, and he ended up with the no-decision in that game. Gonsolin has now thrown 14.2 consecutive scoreless innings this year in his 3 total starts.

At first, it may seem like a strange move for the Dodgers to send down their hottest pitcher. But looking at the next two weeks gives it more context. Gonsolin was acting as the 6th starter in an already packed rotation, and Alex Wood is probably close to a return. 

It seems likely at this point that Gonsolin would be recalled to start a game in the near future for the Dodgers. Per MLB guidelines, he would not be able to be recalled until 10 days from his option date. 

In a corresponding move, the Dodgers also recalled left-handed pitcher Victor Gonzalez. Gonzalez would presumably slot in as a long-relief guy out of the bullpen to give them some innings. Joe Kelly is slated to come off of the injured list and start serving his suspension over the next few days, so relief help is key. He has made just one appearance thus far in 2020.

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  1. This is the kind of nonsense that happens when you always pick up washed up players who have to be on the team. There was no point in signing Wood back for this year

    1. Its got to be about service time. No one with a set of eyes or a functioning brain could possibly slot Gonsolin behind Wood.

  2. Well here we go again bs moves. Then you wonder why when guys leave the Dodgers to play with other organizations the talk all this bull. I hate the way this team is ran Players deserving or more like earning his spot gets demoted. BS low blow move.

  3. Just so you all know another Roberts BS moves 1 out man at 2nd and 3rd you bring a ground ball specialist instead of a K type pitcher is another dumb move. Alexander produced the grounder got the out at 1st. Run scored negating a awesome pitched game by Gonsolin.

    He should’ve have brought Trienen. This is a perfect example how Roberts doesn’t have a clue how to use the tools that he has. In a regular season game no problem win lose your back at it next day. On a playoff environment your done for the season. Robert has done a lot of good things we don’t credit him but he is also the reason we lose on stupidity. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he will learn from it but I really don’t know if he will.

  4. Right now, it’s pretty obvious the best 5 SPs are Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, May, and Gonsolin. That could change depending on future performance, but based on present performance………. sorry Wood and Stripling, reality is a bit@h.

    1. Yes. That is the obvious rotation. It’s a great mix of veteran a young talent. The young guys don’t have to pitch a whole 162 game season either. It’s perfect opportunity for them to be regulars without sacrificing their arms.

  5. WHAT! I don’t understand this organization. Why do they always pull a pitcher out when he’s doing good? This is bash asswards. Cheese marie! Ok, let it go, I won’t blame Gonsolin if he asks to be traded.

  6. Alex Wood has no right to the starting rotation over Gonsolin. I am furious with this move. Completely stupid.

  7. This is not only totally stupid but it is poorly timed. They will be without arguably their most effective pitcher for a minimum of 10 days. Stripling and Urias just got hammered in their most recent start and we also have the dreaded Alex Wood. Bleeping insanity.

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