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Dodgers Own the Worst Record in the National League Since First Loss to the Padres

Everything that can go wrong with the Dodgers seems to be going wrong at the moment. Injuries, poor defensive play, lackluster offense, and overall terrible decision-making. All of that to say that Los Angeles is not playing well. 

In fact, they’ve been one of the worst teams in baseball over the last couple of weeks. Since losing to the Padres on April 18th, the Dodgers have gone 3-9. That combines for a 3-10 record which ranks just ahead of the Tigers as the worst record in MLB. 

The loss to the Brewers in extra innings Saturday is just the latest disappointing loss in a long series of struggles for the Dodgers. Worse than that, Los Angeles also might have lost Dustin May with an arm injury.

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Quite literally nothing is going the Dodgers way. The starting pitching is holding down their own and getting them through ballgames. Even the bullpen is finding a way to get it done as best they can over the last 2 games. 

But any time the Dodgers get a lead it seems like it falls apart in a matter of minutes. That certainly proved to be the case on Saturday when they scored 2 runs in the 11th inning. That lead was quickly wiped away by the Brewers who went on to win the game.

This stretch of awful play and bad luck won’t last forever. That’s the good news. But the Dodgers are tough to watch at the moment. 

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  1. I don’t know what everyone is so upset about, at least the Dodgers have a new supplier for Dodger Dogs. Oh wait, that sucks too!

  2. Anyone notice that Roberts is getting that “deer in the headlights” look again? Not that I blame him. There’s not much else to do at this point

  3. Just look at some averages! Pathetic! Pollock, Lux.Barnes,Rios,and Muncy should be embarrassed. Also Mookie and Seager have under achieved. I guess their abundance of talent in the minors is just so so. Bring Ruiz up. Maybe he can hit the ball out of the infield!

  4. Does anyone yet believe Roberts has to go???? Best team in the Little League’ maybe… not sure they could win there….it is time to do something before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Notice how bad decision making is included in Dodgers over all play. As of right now I truly believe this year is over already, as I’ve seen enough. This team has been exposed for who they really are so far this year

  5. There comes a time when a manager must make the decision to scrap his normal line up. I am certain the players know who the are. Muncy in the clean up spot! Maybe he should be first in the lineup as he has a knack for walking. He simply can’t hit the ball. Taylor is needed in the starting line up. Lux and Rios can’t even walk to first they strike out 90% of the time. You severely damage the line up by putting on players who can’t preform. Roberts must make game changes for the offense. Most players preform better when their team does. Smith should be in as well as Pollock and Taylor. These guys go to work with pressure on them. They just come through. I realize that every team wants to tear into World Series Champ. You guys set the bars really high

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