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Dodgers Owner Pete Guber Wanted To Change Culture (VIDEO)

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Plenty can be said of the commitment the Guggenheim ownership group has shown since they purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers. In an attempt to move on from the grim days of the Frank McCourt Era, Guggenheim has made significant strides to revamp the Dodgers’ organization and restore the franchise’s reputation.

The new group of owners have put forth the proper effort to change Dodger Stadium and have turned it into an exciting experience for fans. In an interview with J.B. of Express Written Consent, owner Pete Guber commented on the dark days of Dodger baseball and how they attempted to move on:

When we came, the Dodgers were… I would not say a fashionable franchise. They had a lot of tough times. And so you had to engage your fans and aim at their heart, not their wallet.”

After a spending spree to acquire players like Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Zack Greinke and Hanley Ramirez; they also signed Clayton Kershaw to a lucrative contract extension.

In 2012, McCourt agreed to sell the team for $2 billion and a transformation quickly followed after Guggenheim became the owners. Major enhancements were made to Dodger Stadium, such as upgrades to the plaza area, food options and new team stores. Guber said upgrading Dodger Stadium was a point of emphasis to win back the hearts of fans:

You had to show them you could make the stadium really vital. Show them you put the money where your mouth is and buy the right players. Show them you build a culture. Show them that you care about them. That you understand who they are.”

The Dodgers won the NL West in their first full season under Guggenheim Management and are heading towards their second consecutive postseason appearance. The next step of course for the Dodgers is bringing a World Series title back to Los Angeles.

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  1. As Fan The Guber Guggenheim Management Have done their Job bringing talented Players. Like Kemp Gonzo Puig Crawfort Uriba Clayton Grnkie Ruy and many other like Turner is play above his stats. Now Lets go out and Beat the Giants this Weekend and show them what kind of team that we are made of. Coach Mattanly is a good Coach and great Manager. Lets put our right foot Forward and let get this season done. God Bless the Dodgers and their. Go Dodger Blue crew lets all the fans show up at AT & Park and toot for the Dodgers. Go and win win win. we Love LA thanks you all for what you do. 😀 😀 😀

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