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Dodgers Owners Buy Large Minority Share of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers and Dodgers have always had a good relationship. Two of the most iconic sports franchises playing in arguably the most iconic sports city in the country makes that a little easier. But over the years, the 2 teams have gone all-out in support of each other. 

Former Lakers legend Magic Johnson buying into the Dodgers ownership only grew that bond. And now, the two organizations are going to share even more ownership names. 

Dodgers owners Mark Walter and Todd Boehly are reportedly purchasing the minority shares of the Los Angeles Lakers. Those shares are being sold off by billionaire Philip Anschultz, who owned approximately 27 percent of the franchise. 

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The purchase now values the team at a little over $5 billion. The purchase of his shares also comes with the added right of first refusal to buy additional shares that come to market. That will also transfer over to the Dodgers owners in the deal. 

Walters and Boehly were both part of the ownership group that purchased the Dodgers back in  2012 from Frank McCourt. That purchase went for $2 billion at the time and also involved Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten. 

What have the Dodgers done since then? Well, they’ve won 8 consecutive NL West titles. They’ve been to 3 World Series in the last 4 years and won their first since 1988. They’ve also made a whole lot of money and new fans in the process. Lakers fans, you got a really good pair of owners to back you up. 

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