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Dodgers: Padres Pitcher Yu Darvish Thinks LA is the Best Team in the World

Dodgers fans have a long and complicated history with Yu Darvish. After his Game 7 showing during the 2017 World Series, fans gave him a very hard time. So much so that it was apparently part of the reason he signed a deal with the Cubs. 

Then the news came out that the Astros had cheated during that series, and Dodgers fans felt awful. After all, how can you blame a guy for getting tagged in a big game when the batters know what’s coming?

The Darvish got traded to the Padres. Since then, there’s been a more silent respect from Dodgers fans. Yes he is a good pitcher and yes we all feel bad about what happened. But now he’s in the division, so keeping the praise to a low whisper is ideal.

Darvish came out and pitched very well against the Dodgers in his first matchup on Saturday night. He was perfect through 4 innings before a rocky 5th innings got Los Angeles on the board. And they only way they were able to do that was by Clayton Kershaw working a bases-loaded walk. 

After the game, Darvish had the highest praise for the Dodgers and their lineup. He told the LA Times’ Dylan Hernandez that they might be the best team on the planet and that their lineup is the best. 

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Darvish also talked about how the Dodgers lineup isn’t “forcefully” aggressively, waiting for the right pitches and making the most of every pitch. We love Yu, but not when he’s on the bump against us. Great game big fella. 

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  1. For what little the Padres had to give up to get him, you have to wonder why Friedman didn’t work a deal with the Cubs. Helluva lot cheaper than Bauer. Or, cheap enough that he could have also added Bauer. Take your pick…

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