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Dodgers Passing on Trea Turner to Go After Aaron Judge? Who Should LA Sign?

The Dodgers will have some major decisions to make this offseason. Coming off their disappointing postseason exit in the 2022 NLDS, the Dodgers have to find a way to retool for the 2023 season.

They have a few key free agents they may want to re-sign, but there are also some of baseball’s best players getting set to hit the open market.

The Dodgers are obviously a top landing spot for SS Trea Turner, but some analysts think the Dodgers will let him walk to pursue a major free agent like OF Aaron Judge.

Our Doug McKain broke down the Trea vs. Judge debate, including what other shortstop options would be available if the Dodgers let Trea walk.

The Dodgers can’t really go wrong with either player, but they clearly need to do something. They can’t just run things back in 2023, or fans won’t care about next year’s regular season.

Who do you think the Dodgers should go after in the offseason? Let us know in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. The Dodgers should keep Trea Turner. He did drive in 100 runs. What other SS did that?

  2. I can’t imagine the Dodgers with Trea Turner. So exciting to watch! Judge is a (yawn) sleeper.

  3. The Dodgers don’t need a guy that strikes out 175 times a year. Dodgers already have a couple of those guys. And, he isn’t going to hit 60 homers for the Dodgers. Maybe 35. If tour going to spend money, spend it on Turner. Just remember though, he’s a lifetime .230 hitter in the post season. Dodgers have a bunch of those guys already.

    1. I agree on most of your points, however Judge is not exactly lighting it up so far in the post season. In the long run, Trea will be a better asset for the Dodgers. What they need to do is spend the money and bring in deGrom and resign Trea.

  4. I love Aaron Judge but Trea is my pick. Why can’t we have both. There’s other guy’s that they could trade.

  5. I love Trea, but if he really does prefer the east coast, then so be it. I would love to see Judge the home run king in Dodger blue.

  6. Pass on both. Neither will be worth what they will get paid. Especially in 2 or 3 years. Bring up the kids from our highly rated farm system. We really could use a lefty mashing outfielder.

  7. What if Trea doesn’t want to stay. I think we are all waiting to see if Roberts will still be there

  8. It’s a no brained. You Judge for several reasons. One he is a legit cleanup hitter. Freddie would love that protection behind him. Then that allows Will Smith to hit 6th or 7th where he belongs. Judge can play left field. By letting belli go that puts Prospect James Outman in center and mookie in right. Now you move Lux to shortstop with muncy at third. And second base becomes a free for all in spring training. Put Taylor where he belongs a utility player not an everyday player. With the money coming off the books. Say goodbye too Trea, by out JT thats Almost 40 million between both not worth it. Belli adios another 20mil. David Price another 30mil. Use the for Judge and starting pitching.

  9. Wouldn’t bringing back trea ‘running things back’? Wasn’t he on the team this year. For the record, bring him back if he will sign.

  10. Fire Dave Roberts and try to swing a deal for Shohei Ohtani. Pursue Edwin Diaz and at least one starting pitcher, given there are holes once filled by Trevor Bauer/Max Scherzer and Walker Buehler (must assume he’ll miss the entire 2023 season). Let Justin Turner go. Not sure about Trea Turner, but I don’t see the point in signing a big bat (Judge) given that they have plenty of pop already — assuming Max Muncy recovers — as well as several big contracts on their payroll. Judge is great but his long-term health is suspect. It’s probably time to trade Cody Bellinger. See how much effort the Mets put into signing deGrom before deciding whether to pursue him. If they’re aggressive, assume his health is good and make a run.

  11. Trea Turner is so low key he’s underrated. He never smiles, he never shows emotion. He just goes out there and plays, 160 games and 708 plate appearances this past year. Judge is more accessible, smiles, hit’s Ruthian home runs, but I bet in another 15 years Trea is the first ballot HOF’er.

    Now supposedly he wants to play on an eastern team, and if so, so be it. But if he can be persuaded to sign, stone face be damned, sign him. Both are going to be 300M signings, and Judge will put more butts in the seats, but I bet Trea helps win more games.

  12. Trea is a “five tool player”. He will contribute more than Judge. Chris Taylor has to be put back to where he is best — super sub. I think we expect more from Outman than he may be able to deliver. Even if the Dodgers sign Trea, they still have major positions to fill. They need a solid, not Hall of Fame type, left fielder (perhaps Trayce will work out to be that player) and a center fielder. Then there is the pitching staff.

  13. I’d go with Trea. His speed gives another dimension to the offense and he has a low strikeout rate. They’d be locking in a Betts-Turner-Freeman top of the lineup for the next five years and make it easier to absorb any growing pains from younger players like Vargas, Outman and Busch. And go hard after DeGrom or Verlander.

  14. I don’t know who the Dodgers should pursue but it should be neither of these gentlemen. Mr. Judge is a 30 year old, injury prone right fielder. The Dodgers already have one overpaid right fielder. Shortstop is one position you cannot afford to have a well below average defensive player, who would rather be somewhere else.

  15. Keep Turner, the Dodgers defense cornerstone in the infield, a base stealing threat every time he’s on base, and led National League with Freddie Freeman in hits. Our. Power offense let us down in so many men in scoring position in the playoffs.

  16. Turner all the way, keep him and don’t go after a strikeout leader who isn’t a pitcher.

  17. I can NOT watch another year of Muncy and Belinger striking out most of the regular season and continuing to do so in October. Belanger BEST FOR DEFENSE, Muncy not so much. Trea Turner can hit, but he didn’t do much in2021 during playoffs. He caught the October Dodger malaise. I’d love to see Aaron Judge in a Dodger uniform. NO WAY WOULD I WANT TO SEE CARLOS CORREA!

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