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Dodgers Phenom Alex Verdugo Chooses His Go-To Superpower

With the way Alex Verdugo has hit in the first month of the season, some would say he already contains a ‘superpower’. Still, that’s just the man who made Volver Volver famous again being himself.

The Los Angeles Dodgers official twitter account had a little treat for us regarding this. Furthermore, Verdugo was asked which superpower he would most like to have if he could choose any. And this got me thinking a little bit as he formulated his answer.

Therefore, like a good Los Angelean; ‘Dugie did a nice job referencing that traffic that many of you brave each day under the bright sunshine.

“Living in Cali’, I can’t deal with all the traffic. You guys are crazy! I gotta fly, I gotta fly and I’ll say; super-strength.”

Now, why would Verdugo wish for super-strength? Of course, he already possesses this! Surely, his .989 OPS entering Monday night during his age-23 season is a display of this.

Perhaps Verdugo has been watching Cody Bellinger put up historic numbers closely. However, Verdugo is selling himself way short by wishing for something that many of us already believe he has.

It’s nice to see one of the Dodgers we are just getting to know in his own skin, having a little fun. And with that said, I pondered an interesting question: what super-human power would you want if you could wish for any to be granted? Let us know in the comment section below the post!

For me, I don’t want to fly. I’m too scared of heights. And strength only goes so far. Personally, I’m going with x-ray vision. Currently, David Freese is the only Dodgers’ player I believe who has that power, when a lefty is on the mound.

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