Dodgers Picture Book: Looking Back at All 7 World Championships in Franchise History

Your Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series champions! Tired of that yet? Me neither. Recently, the Dodgers media team celebrated the 2020 championship with a look back at all 7 titles in franchise history.

For fans young and old, listen to the calls and look at the pictures that defined the Dodgers’ 7 World Series victories! It’s worth a watch for sure.


Right off the bat, you focus in on so many legendary calls from the legend himself, Mr. Vin Scully. Then you see the players… the names on the back of the jersey’s all representing the same name on the front. Dodgers. So many all-time franchise heroes and leaders and legends.

Even through waiting 32 years for this latest title, fans have had it good with great players over the decades. Now hopefully we can just sit back and watch the next few rings roll in with Mookie and the boys.

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  1. I made a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of the 1963 World Series between the Dodgers and the White Sox. I still have those scrapbooks.

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