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Dodgers’ Pitcher Julio Urias Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge

Some really disappointing news to start off your Tuesday Dodgers fans. Julio Urias, one of the Dodgers’ brightest young players, was arrested on Monday night in Los Angeles.

Witnesses say that Urias, who is just 22 years old, shoved a woman in the parking lot of an upscale shopping center. Police responded to the incident and arrested Urias on site. The woman who he was with insisted that the confrontation was nothing more than an argument, but witnesses and video taken at the scene apparently proved the opposite.

Urias was booked into a nearby station on a misdemeanor battery charge, and posted a $20,000 bail early Tuesday morning, according to TMZ Sports.

We’re told a witness called cops claiming Urias was in the parking lot arguing with a female companion and shoved her to the ground.

Cops responded and spoke with the woman, who denied anything physical took place … and insisted it was nothing more than a heated verbal argument.

However, sources connected to the situation tell us … witnesses were adamant they saw Urias push the woman and video from the scene appeared to back up the witness accounts.

Urias made his debut at the age of 19 for the Dodgers, just 3 years ago. Injuries have limited him, but 2019 was supposed to be a breakout year for the kid.

There is plenty to unwrap with this, but we will hold off until more information is released. Everything at this point is merely opinion based, and we certainly would not want to leave this open for debate. The organization will almost certainly do it’s due diligence in determining how to proceed with Urias, but it’s certainly not a good look.

Major League Baseball has had some serious problems with domestic abuse in the past, and it should never be taken lightly. We will bring you any updates that we receive along the way.


The Dodgers released a statement on the matter.

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  1. I wanna get pushed to the ground for $20K. My wife says she’s willing to get pushed to the ground for only $5K.
    The guy has to understand, no matter the circumstances, he is in the worst place for anything that only appears inappropriate. If he relationship is taking the guy to where he feels he has to push her, than it is time to move on from that relationship.

  2. We are all innocent until proven guilty. However, Julio needs to be placed on a restrictive status until this is sorted out. I am a virtually lifelong Dodger fan and know his potential; but he needs a solid hand right now to nip this in the bud.

  3. Whatever action is taken as a result of this incident should not be any more harsh than what action would be taken if it was a player from another team who did this.

  4. Remember when the Dodgers were interested in Aroldis Chapman(as a free-agent signing) but when Chapman’s domestic violence issues surfaced, they withdraw their offer. Switching to Urias, don’t you think he surely will be suspended by either the team or MLB for a certain number of games?

  5. Most likely Urias will be suspended but:
    My question then will be can Dodgers fill his roster spot? It certainly is not fair to any team to force them to play a man short on the active 25 man roster.

  6. Azul, this is a most unfortunate and troubling ocurrence!!! I feel sorry for the victim!!!! and I feel for Urias who will now have to pay the piper. From what I gather, the team will be allowed to bring up another player to take his spot. Call it immaturity, poor judgment, etc. but Julio needs to realize he is in the public eye, and even more so when you play in a large media center like Los Angeles. Hopefully, this will not be a repeat of Milton Bradley 2.0. Lets try to remediate this situation to the best of our capacity and put it behind us. Go Blue!!

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