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Dodgers Pitchers Are Hitting Recently And There Might Be a Reason For That

Dodgers pitchers are doing much more than just mowing down batters these days. Over the last couple of weeks, Los Angeles starters have brought out their bats and come through in some pretty big situations. In what is likely the final year of the NL pitchers hitting, it’s great timing. 

Julio Urias came through with a huge hit in the win on Thursday afternoon in Pittsburgh. With the bases loaded in the 4th inning, Julio laced a single into right giving him 7 RBI’s on the year. He joined Walker Buehler as the 2 Dodgers to have multiple runs driven in this month. 

When asked about it in his start against the Cardinals this month, Buehler did say there was a friendly competition among Dodgers pitchers at the plate. He chose to keep that between him and his teammates though and would not say any more. 

When asked about batting this year, Julio had a simple answer. 

I just try to do my job. I like to hit. I’m not going to deny it. I’ve liked to hit since I was little. Obviously, now we focus on pitching but when we’re there and we have runners to drive in, I try to put on a good swing and have the ball fall somewhere.

The Dodgers already have Clayton Kershaw who has 109 career hits to his name. Of those hits, 13 went for extra bases. He also has 39 runs driven in, and Julio could give him a run in that category. Whatever has gotten into our pitchers at the plate, we love it. 

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Trevor Bauer is the only 1 of the original starting 4 pitchers to not collect a base hit yet. He’s come close though. lacing a ball into the outfield only to get thrown out at first base. When he eventually gets one, you can bet the Dodgers dugout will go nuts. 

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  1. The pitcher needs to practice for the at bat. Get in there and take a swing that will make your mother proud, and your wife or girlfriend will like. Why are you so special where you don’t have to run to first. I get it, no I don’t. Running like grandma to first is really dumb. Why don’t you take a automatic out and go rest your poor feet. Once every five days. Come on. Buelar did good and so did Urias. So did Bauer. Keep it up boys

  2. I’ve never liked the DH. And I never will. I think it’s great when pitchers can hit. Take some hacks. Something good can happen. But absolutely be able to bunt to advance a base runner.

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