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Dodgers Players Discuss Difficulty of Moving On After Watching Clayton Kershaw Exit

You could feel the energy being zapped out of the stadium on Friday night. As Dave Roberts came out with the trainer to check on Clayton Kershaw, there was suddenly no division race. There was no October baseball, there were no worries about sweeping the weekend, and there were no thoughts of the World Series for Dodgers fans. 

All that mattered for a brief moment was the health of the guy that has stood the test of time. Kershaw has been the face of the Dodgers for over a decade now, and Kershaw Day has become very special at the Ravine. 

So when he came out of the game clearly in pain, it hurt everyone in the stadium. That includes Dodgers players. After the game, Trea Turner talked about the difficulty of shaking off that image and getting back into the swing of a division race. 

Yeah, I think that was definitely a tough one. You never want to see one of your guys, especially an unbelievable teammate like him. I haven’t known him for a long long time, but I can already see why he’s a leader in this clubhouse, and why he’s had a great career, and why he’s going to continue to be a big part of our team on the field or in the dugout. He’s special, so you never want to see anyone like him go through that.

To their credit, the Dodgers did their part. They overcame a 5-1 deficit and beat the Brewers 8-6 to keep their division hopes alive. Turner was a big part of that, hitting a game-tying grand slam that followed his solo HR in the first inning. 

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And now the Dodgers move on. Even if Kershaw is done for the year, you can bet that he will be in that dugout every single game that he can be. He’s one heck of a player, but Clayton Edward Kershaw is an even better teammate and person. 

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  1. I think Trea Turner spoke for everyone in the organization and also showed why HE IS A PRIORITY to be given a contract extension before just about anyone else here.

    1. IMO Trea Turner does Not want to play 2nd base. IF the Dodgers resign Seager to play SS, Trea will not resign with the Dodgers. How many games have cost the Dodgers with players playing out-of-position e.g. Will Smith(1st-base) against giants, T.Turner(2nd), G.Lux(CF). Fortunately the Dodgers rallied against the Brewers. Pujols would have handled that wide throw by Turner.

      1. I think Trea will stay in 2023 if they win the 2021 and 2022 World Series. After all, middle infield is middle infield. Besides Corey could move to third and now we are even stronger on D with Trea at SS and Lux at 2nd. Trea is with us for 2022 -his contract year when he’ll be even better!

  2. If anything, it was a blow of ego’s.
    Losing Kershaw for the season won’t hurt that team. I’m sure Clayton will dodge the IC Unit. They have others who can take up the slack.
    LA is loaded.
    So, pass the handkerchiefs. When all are used, place them in the same washing machine as the uniforms.

  3. Absolutely. I won’t concede its over until its over, so if we win tonight, I will (again) hope that the Padres want to have fun playing spoiler. They played the Giants hard this afternoon and former Giants pitcher, Mark Melancon shut it down. Come on Dodgers, let’s do this!!!!

  4. Again, Brook, the last sentence of your post about Kershaw is the best, even though I have always objected to your lack of response to my questions.

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