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Dodgers Players Give Seager Predictive Nickname

No pressure, kid, but your teammates seem to have immense faith in you. Corey Seager is more than talented enough to meet those great expectations, though.

What is this nickname, you ask? How do Seager’s fellow Dodgers refer to the top prospect in all of baseball?

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Let Bill Plunkett of the OC Register explain.

Even his teammates and coaches remind him – in teasing fashion – what is expected of the consensus No. 1 prospect in baseball. Listen closely this spring and you’ll occasionally hear Seager referred to by his new nickname – “Roy,” as in Rookie of the Year.

Roy, huh? And what does Seager think of those expectations? He appears to be taking it all in stride, per Plunkett’s article.

“I guess I get to take that one over from Joc (Pederson) last year. He passed that one on to me,” Seager said sheepishly. “Yeah, it’s all that good-quality fun. It’s never personal.”

Any professional locker room is going to have this kind of thing going on, but so long as Seager understands his teammates mean well, this kind of thing can help keep things light as pressure mounts on someone Adrian Gonzalez thinks could wind up being a Hall-of-Fame caliber player.

The talent is obviously there. It’s unmistakably there even as he stumbled somewhat out of the starting gates in the first couple games, both in the batters box and at shortstop. It’s safe to say both he and his teammates believe he’ll turn it around, and quickly.

Now, I do find it somewhat interesting that Joc Pederson dealt with that nickname a season ago and one would imagine Julio Urias or Jose De Leon might carry it in the coming years so long as they’re around. Pederson obviously didn’t win, but a run resembling (and probably not equalling) that of the 90’s when five straight Dodgers won Rookie of the Year sure would be fun.

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  1. Maybe “Roy” should refer to Roy Hobbs…..The Natural….in addition to Rookie Of the Year.

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