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Dodgers Players React to Mookie Betts Mega Deal on Social Media

Mookie Betts is a set to be a Dodger for life. On Wednesday, the Dodgers announced an unprecedented 12-year contract extension with the 2018 American League Most Valuable Player, keeping him in Los Angeles through the 2032 season.

Including his 2020 salary, the 27-year-old signed a 13-year, $392 million contract with the Dodgers. If you need proof, the club took photographs for evidence. 

Understandably, any time you ink a contract worth that kind of money, you’re going to see some reactions online. Focusing on his teammates, it’s safe to say that they’re happy for Mookie and they’re pumped for the future of Los Angeles.

His outfield also was more than pumped for Mookie securing the bag.

The skipper Tom Lasorda shared his congratulations as well.

And a favorite from around the league comes by way of Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic. Fabian covers the Angels and got this gem from the highest-paid player in the game.

As players soak in the final day off before the start of the season, some of social media was quiet. However, when it came to Mookie Betts, 

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  1. Wow I’m completely in shock and pleasantly surprised that the Dodgers have actually used their money on the right player for once. Goes to show we were right about them just choosing to be tightwads all these years, glad they finally realized we need to be spending money on these kinds of players

    1. For once? They’ve averaged more than 100 wins for the last three seasons. This is the best era ever to be a Dodger fan. Please get a clue. Friedman is the best executive in the3 game, and the best the Dodgers have ever had.

      1. It’s not the best era until a championship or 2 is won, bottom line no if’s or buts about it and Friedman isn’t the best they’ve ever had until he puts together a roster that wins the whole thing

  2. Um, tightwads? Or waiting to spend the money on the right guy and not just the right now guy?

  3. CONGRADULATIONS MOOKIE.. Thank You for wanting to make L.A. your new home!! Go Dodger Blue make us proud tommorow!!!

  4. I did not like the trade for Mookie we gave up to much for a one year rental….this deal is great for now and maybe half of the remaining 12 years….last 6….he should still be good not great…in fact…he hasn’t shown he is great in National League yet…although the DH and his Dodger fellow hitters should provide protection in the line up…so let’s hope for the best….

    1. The organization has gotten better every year under Friedman’s watch. What could you have possibly been doubting?

      1. Easy. The killer instinct that is necessary to go all the way. The teams that got the rings were not content to just make the playoffs every year. They have all made risky moves at the end that accomplished that goal. He had not demonstrated that until he put out $300 million for Cole. Then he traded for Betts and then he signed Betts long term. Those are pushing his chips to the center of the table and saying “all in.” That’s what will end the “drought.”

  5. I would rather have Bellinger et this contract – he is younger and proven himself in the NL.

    1. They still only have one contract on the books after 2020. They are set up pretty well to give long term deals to Bellinger and Buehler. Maybe not Seager, but it will be interesting to see what he does in a healthy season and whether that changes the calculus. At this point there is pretty much zero chance (even with Boras involved) that the Dodgers don’t extend Bellinger if he keeps up his pace.

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