Dodgers Players Stand with Mookie Betts in Group Decision to Postpone Game

It is both a somber and historic day in sports. The number of professional teams deciding to take a stand and boycott games in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake is incredibly significant. The Dodgers and Giants were two of those teams to join that growing boycott on Wednesday evening. 

Speaking with media following the decision to sit out, Dodgers players and coaches revealed why they would not play tonight. Dave Roberts, Kenley Jansen, Mookie Betts, and Clayton Kershaw all represented the team in the discussion. As it turns out, Mookie and Dave Roberts were going to sit out regardless of what the team’s decision was. 

For me, I think that no matter what I wasn’t going to play tonight. Just because I have to stand by my guns here. Like Doc said there’s a lot going on in the world, and change needs to be made. I have to use my platform to at least get the ball rolling. I talked to my teammates and told them how I felt, and they were all by my side. -Mookie Betts

Team leader Clayton Kershaw has been especially vocal over the last few months in being in support of Black Lives Matter. He has talked about having conversations with Dodgers teammates and learning and growing in the process. Kershaw said that the team wanted to do everything they could to support Mookie. 

I think more than anything as a teammate of Mookie’s as a member of this team…as a white player on this team, is how can we show support. What’s something tangible that we can do to help our black brothers on this team. And once Mookie said he wasn’t going to play, that started a conversation as a team on what we can do to support that. We felt the best thing we could do is support that in not playing. 

The Dodgers and Giants both agreed that a game would be played on Wednesday. Thursday was supposed to be the final game of the series, but who knows where they go from here. Even Clayton Kershaw admitted he had no idea what tomorrow would look like, or even if they would play. 

Mookie Betts, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, and Dave Roberts Discuss Postponing Game vs. SF

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  1. Wha? Not playing? Boycotting is doing nothing but infuriating fans across the country.
    Looks like MLB will follow the NBA in disappearing from the sports world. Goodbye,
    over inflated salaries.

  2. Just another meaningless “message” being sent. This does nothing to help what they’re fighting for. Apparently the Lakers and Clippers were the two teams in basketball who have voted to drop out of the playoffs what a joke, as if that’ll bring change. How about some action if you really care that much. Baseball better resume tomorrow

  3. These boycotts are meaningless and misguided. How many times have people taken to the streets to protest and riot, only to find out the facts of the case, and the fact that the truth doesn’t support the mob?

    All you are doing is alienating the fan base that believes in law and order and innocent and proven guilty… and hates what mob-rules has done to this country.

  4. I support anyone who takes a stand and shines a light on injustice. Once these athletes leave the field of play, they’re as vulnerable as the average African-American. BreonnaTaylor, an innocent African-American woman was shot and killed for no reason. George Floyd was slowly and mercilessly killed live and in dying color. Why do White People always bring salaries into the conversation? It seems that you’ve had an issue with paying us ever since we stopped working and entertaining you for free. We’re not even safe in our houses of worship! So stop your complaining. We are more than athletes. And instead of watching us play, get your behinds off of the couch and join us in our call for justice. Why is it that so-called evangelical Christians are morally bankrupt? I guess love thy neighbor is a fake Christian doctrine?!

  5. Love the law and order people. They certainly would have been on the British side during the American Revolution. Boston Massacre: bunch of rioters, low life’s.
    Boston Tea Party: Destroyers of private property
    Burning of Governors House: rioters and looters

  6. Boohoo, that’s for those of you who don’t understand! Proud of those who are willing to take a stand!

  7. Multi-million dollar athletes, who live in gated communities in the off-season, have people around them to protect them almost everywhere they go, and who depend on the average fan to pay those salaries so they can live the lifestyle they do, are lecturing us that we need to be more understanding of so-called marginalized people. Pleeeese!!! Take a closer look at what groups like BLM really stand for. Maybe these same multi-millionaires should send some of their salaries to the business owners who have had their businesses torched and looted by so-called peaceful protesters. You’re turning off the fans guys! Wise-up and just play baseball.

  8. Many athletes have contributed large sums to their communities. Unlike slumlords like Kushner.

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