Dodgers’ Playoff Moment: Steve Finley Slams Dodgers Into Playoffs

Our third instalment of all-time Dodger playoff moment isn’t necessarily in the playoffs but it was the Grand Slam heard ’round the world that put the Dodgers in the 2004 playoffs.

It was one of the most memorable moments in Dodgers history as Steve Finley hit one of the greatest home runs in Los Angeles Dodgers history (apart from Kirk Gibson’s) as he won the NL West for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers were trailing 3-0 going into the ninth inning when they rallied for three runs before loading the bases for Finley. Needing only a sacrifice fly or a single to win the game and the Giants outfield playing shallow to prevent a run from scoring, Finley took an 0-1 pitch deep to right- field and over the wall for the dramatic home run to give the Dodgers the 7-3 win.

Finley gave us a lasting moment of hitting the ball, dropping the bat and raising his arms as he knew what he had just done and the joy he brought to the city with one swing. The Dodgers went on to lose in the NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals, but no one can forget what put them there in the first place.

Check Out Finley’s Grand Slam Below:

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  1. I remember it well, but 1) as it wasn’t in the post-season and 2) the Dodgers went on to lose the NLDS, I disagree with your qualifier “apart from Kirk Gibson’s”. It is tied with Joe Ferguson’s walk-off against the Astros in 1980 (also not in the post-season) and it HAS to rank behind Rick Monday’s against the Expos in 1981 and Mike Scioscia’s against the Mets in 1988. It’s a great HR, but shoot, it didn’t even make this list: http://www.truebluela.com/2008/1/14/12534/2288

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