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Dodgers Playoffs: What Vegas is Saying About Game 5 of the NLDS

Nobody wanted a Game 5. Postseason baseball is fun, but nerve-wracking, full of anxiety, and always seems ominous. The Dodgers will head into Game 5 with the budding ace Walker Buehler taking on the Nationals’ co-ace Stephen Strasburg at the Ravine.

While the Dodgers and Nationals appear to be somewhat near an even split at this point, with FiveThirtyEight currently placing 64% odds on the Dodgers to win and ZiPS currently placing 55% odds on the Dodgers.

In Vegas, the story is different. There are many sizable bets being thrown out in favor of the Dodgers at numerous sportsbooks across the country.

One even registered as high as $50,000 for the Dodgers to win at -152 odds, which is approximately 60.31% in implied odds. The Nationals register at somewhere around +140 odds, or 41.67% in implied odds.

While we may feel uncomfortable with the way things look in Game 5 considering the cold spell of the offense and the fact that Stephen Strasburg bested us in Game 2, things are looking up.

Vegas tends to be right. While this represents no sure thing due to the nature of October baseball, it does present hope if anything at all.

At the moment, 56% of bets have been placed on the Dodgers to win Game 5 while the other 44% have been placed on the Nationals. This is a fairly similar split to how the odds created by FiveThirtyEight and ZiPs look. The Dodgers are the favorites, but it might not be clear-cut.

Our own Clint Evans also believes in the Boys in Blue:


Do you believe in Buehler or do you believe the offense continues looking the way it does? Do you agree with Vegas? Let us know in the comments below!

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