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Dodgers Poll: Fans Still Believe LA is the Team to Beat in the National League

It truly was an eventful 2022 season. Although the Dodgers did not reach the World Series, which automatically makes it a disappointing season after all the hype coming into the season, the Dodgers were still one of the most fun teams to watch on their way to 111 wins.

The off-season has been the opposite story. Instead of capitalizing on the triumphant season, the Dodgers elected to go a completely different route and cut ties with some of the top players from last season.

Among them, Trea Turner who inevitably was going to leave because of the market, Tyler Anderson which the Dodgers have slowly tried to find some replacements for, and Cody Bellinger who continued to struggle for a third season in a row. Plus, long time veteran anchor of the club, Justin Turner, left and signed with the Boston Red Sox on a two year deal.

Even with the movement, or lack of help, fans still believe the Dodgers will make some noise with the current roster. In fact, as it stands over 50% of voters see the Dodgers taking home the NL title.

Some may chalk it up to fans being hopeful while others truly believe the Dodgers are still the team to beat. After all, the Dodgers were the team to beat last season.

Perhaps fans think the Dodgers will inevitably make some moves since there are still so many holes to fill. The Dodgers also have over $100 million to spend so they can break the bank on a huge trade or signing.

The time on the clock of the off-season is not winding down anytime soon leaving plenty of chances for the Dodgers to prove their fans right, but who do you think is the team to beat? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I think if you ask the fans of the Mets, Phillies, Braves, Padres, Cardinals, you would get different answers.

  2. As the team stands today, I think the Dodgers definitely have the potential to take the NL, especially if at least 80% of the team is firing on all cylinders. That means Lux, Muncy, CT3, and Vargas have good offensive seasons. Also need Kersh to stay healthy, and both Gonsolin and May to pitch to their potentials. It also wouldn’t hurt if Bauer came back in full form. Noah pitching well would be a plus. A lot of “Ifs”, but it’s doable. LFG!!!!!

  3. Oh please. Not the way the Dodgers team is now, but I’m Sure the FO isn’t done. They have to resolve Bauer issue first

  4. Well, I would hope Dodgers Nation fans feel that way. Their grandparents felt that way every year in Brooklyn as well. But, a more clear eyed assessment would be the Dodgers have to expect EVERYTHING to go right for that to happen in 2023. That’s a change from the past, when there was a lot more room for error. Even during the current run of good Dodger teams we have seen that when there is room for error, we can expect just enough error for the team not not be hoisting the “piece of metal” in the end. So I am going to say a pre-emptive “Wait Til Next Year” for 2024 when the Dodgers pay Ohtani $450 million for 10 years. 🙂

  5. I’m saddened that they didn’t at least go after Brandon Drury. A versatile player for multiple positions, a solid RH bat, and cheap. Angels got him for only 17M @ 2yrs compared to Giants paying rehabbing Michael Conforto 36M@2yrs. Drury would have been a good fill-in to rest anybody, any day, and a good RH bat off the bench.
    Right now I’m content the Dodgers as underdogs, and not waste spending on unworthy veterans. Why not go all in and play only the hungry young guns to the trade deadline and see where we stand. Put Thompson, Taylor, and Muncy as reserve bench players. Throw the deserving young fresh arms to preserve Urias and Kershaw. Let’s see what all these super talents everybody is lamenting about.

  6. The Padres are picked to win the NL West. The Dodgers will be fighting for the second wildcard spot. The Dodgers are lucky the Giants didn’t end up with Correa or we would have been ranked third place.

  7. I’m a born and raised Dodgers fan and they will always be my number one team. However, I think this is going to be a rough year for the team. I know I will be starting the season with a heavy heart. So many of our fan favorites have left over the last few years and it is going to take some time to get used to all the changes. I will still be there supporting our “Boys in Blue” as always and forever ?

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