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Dodgers Postseason: Pedro Baez Was Tipping Pitches, Not Kershaw

The Dodgers late-game rally came up just short against the Nationals as they fell 4-2 in game two of the NLDS. LA pitching was touched up for 10 hits only one day after silencing their opponents’ bats. Clayton Kershaw’s infamous postseason struggles continued; he gave up three runs in the first three innings.

During the loss, cameras picked up an animated display from Washington shortstop Trea Turner demonstrating what looked to be information about pitch tipping to teammates. At the time, Kershaw was still in the game, so the initial thought was that was regarding the Dodgers’ starter.

Now, ESPN’s Eduardo Perez later explained that it was reliever Pedro Baez, not Kershaw, who was tipping pitches.

Perez breaks down the clip and shows that Turner’s motions coincided with Baez’ form.

“He was talking about his wrist,” Perez said in a Sportscenter segment. “He said, ‘hey guys,look. If you see the fastball, you’ll be able to see his wrist. If you don’t see it, he’s got a nasty changeup and a good slider.”

Perez also points out that in Eaton’s at-bat, he takes he first pitch fastball and lays down a bunt on the second pitch – a changeup.

“Easier to lay one down with a changeup,” Perez said.

That along with Anthony Rendon’s long at-bat is what leads Perez to believe that Baez was tipping his pitches. The reliever had similar issues in July when he allowed three home runs in three consecutive appearances after only giving up one in the first 40 games.

Baez worked to refine his form last time, and now he may have to do so again in the postseason.


  1. For shame and once again it took a talking head to bring this to our attention. What are we doing over there? Who’s running this sht show?

  2. Here comes Jansen…..OH BOY…..Nats will never know what he is going to throw. YEH ! RIGHT ! The boys better get going and know what’s going on around them ,cannot afford to give games away at this time.

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