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Dodgers Potential Trade Deadline Plan Discussed by The Athletic

The more time that passes this winter, the more likely it becomes that the Dodgers will not make a move of a large magnitude. The Francisco Lindor and Mookie Betts rumors have died and it all makes sense. The Dodgers have a hard time spending money and a hard time with letting go of their prospects.

While you can form your own opinions on whether that represents bad practice or not, it doesn’t increase the Dodgers’ chances of acquiring a marquee name.

Dodgers president Stan Kasten seemed confident that the Dodgers would go over the luxury tax in 2020 and with trade options and Josh Donaldson still available in free agency:

“The team we have now is not going to be the team we have to start the postseason. I expect that team, this year, it looks like it’s going to be well over the [threshold], or somewhat over.”

There are multiple pieces that are likely to be available at the trade deadline and Andy McCullough of The Athletic outlines each of the possibilities:

Brad Hand and Ken Giles

The Dodgers have long been in the conversation for Hand and while his numbers declined in 2019, he remains one of the baseball’s best and most consistent relievers. He would be an excellent addition to the back end of their bullpen. Giles was a target at the deadline this past season, but an injury prevented the Blue Jays from dealing him.

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Noah Syndergaard

One of the best pitchers in the game when healthy, Syndergaard could be a nice buy-low candidate if the Mets fall out of contention in the summer.

Charlie Morton

Morton would be an intriguing proposition and would fit right in with the Dodgers’ rotation as a co-ace with Walker Buehler.


Moves are more likely to be made in the summer than this winter and we are just going to have to deal with it as we have for multiple seasons under Andrew Friedman.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. We want to hold on to our prospects but not use our billions of dollars in the offseason so then we end up having to trade them anyway in July. Hey Dodgers newsflash you aren’t going to get the cheap deal in July either, don’t expect the Mets to bend over and take it like the Orioles did

  2. Hand and Giles are absolutely players the Dodgers should shell out for, and if there is a player I would trade good prospects for, it is Morton (and those prospects would go to the AL, best of all)

  3. “The Dodgers have a hard time spending money and a hard time with letting go of their prospects.”
    If this above statement is not the absolute truth, then I don’t know what is.

  4. Morton is the only one of those names that could really make an impact. I just don’t see the Mets giving up on Viking Syndergaard which would leave them with Jacob deGrom and nothing else. Getting Morton would be the smartest thing they could do for the post season.

    Here is the caveat: If it came out of Stan Kasten’s mouth and his lips were moving, then don’t bet on it happening no matter who is saying it. In fact, until is guy is traded for, past his physical and sitting in the dugout, I don’t believe anything said by anyone anyone in the front office. Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice (or more) Shame on me. Its a little like the kid who cried wolf… After a while yo just say to yourself, “Meh!”

    1. Most definitely I agree with you, Blue, 100%. These ownership and management still think that they can continue to fool us the fans and that’s not smart. I’m watching Angels games this year. Trout and Rendon will make it enjoyable to root for.

      1. I would’ve enjoyed some Angel games from time to time if they actually got some pitching but once again they just didn’t do it. They are a mystery and they had the chance with Keuchel and Bumgarner out there. All they did was get Trout another hitter but it won’t get them to October. 85 wins tops

  5. With a payroll just south of $200 million, you can’t honestly say that the Dodgers have a “hard” time spending money.

    1. Ken, last years payroll was 180 mill. This years so far is 150. The Nat’s payroll was 200 last year and probably around 210 this year. The 2018 Red Sox was over 220. The teams that win it all spend more than the Dodgers. True they spend money, but also true is that they don’t spend enough, especially when they have more than anyone else. And there lies the entire complaint of the fan base!

    2. Kenneth they don’t spend wisely. They pile up the roster with projects, under the radar guys, guys that don’t deserve the money they’re getting like Pollock and Kelly and some resigning of their own guys like Kershaw Turner Jansen which wasn’t bad at the time it was done. Quality over quantity is how they should’ve used that money And by quality I mean legit career stars. Kershaw Turner Jansen was fine but the rest of the money spent could’ve been used so much better. Greinke would’ve been great to have in 2017 and 2018 but instead they used that money on signing several pitchers who are no where near that quality

      1. Friedman has always been a bottom feeder could have Hamels a few years back and got 4 retread pitchers,could have had Verlander but passed on him because he had another year left on contract-instead got Darvish (same division as Astros)and had a 4.80 ERA,last year deadline got Axford-signing of Pollack and Kelley a waste of money-Kelley had a 4.50ERA for Boston and Pollack only had one injury free season back in 2015,guess he check his history.Even in his first season forced Haren to Marlins and even paid his 10million contract ,then had to get another pitcher to replace him,Anderson I think who has a wrst yeat than Haren-then resigned him for 16m and he was out the whole season.So Friedman’s trades and signings have been bad,so at least he hasn’t given away their top prospects!!!!

        1. Don, 200+ million for 2 good years of Greinke and then what, his Cy Young year last year. Is “spending wisely”? Cole is a great pitcher now but 10 years and 300+ million for a power pitcher where you can expect a decline once he hits his mid 30’s. Right now, wise spending is paying Muncy under 900,000 and Taylor around a million. I suppose you think that 13 years and 330 million is “wise spending for Harper or the similar contract for Machado? If you were so “wise” why aren’t you a GM of a team. This is a team that is going to win their 8th straight division title and will have a good chance to make it to the playoffs which we all know is a crapshoot, just look at the Nationals who especially after the first month of the season, nobody outside of the Beltway gave a chance to even make the playoffs.

    3. Kirk. That is $150 mil before they have to pay out all of the arb players of which they just paid 20 mil to Bellinger, Kike and Seager. Not to mention the 2 free agents they already signed. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t go after free agents and spend big, I’m just getting tired of “cheap” storyline.

    1. Does it matter? He’s a laker legend he has no influence on anyone in the baseball world. He was just another PR false hype guy and it didn’t work just like it’s not working whenever Kasten opens his mouf

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