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Dodgers President Stan Kasten Talks New DirecTV Deal with Spectrum SportsNet LA

When the news broke on Wednesday that Spectrum Networks and AT&T came together to bring the Dodgers’ flagship station SportsNet LA to DirecTV and its other TV services, a collective sigh of relief swept Dodgers Nation. 

Team president Stan Kasten joined Access SportsNet: Dodgers on Wednesday evening to discuss how the move finally came about.



For six long years most Dodger fans had been without games on television in their homes. Six!

Here’s what Kasten had to say.

This has been so long coming. So many people worked on this literally all the time for the last six years to make this happen – it’s so important for so many of our fans who as you know are the most supportive and loyal fans anywhere in baseball. I do feel bad for one thing, imagine you’ve waited six years to watch SNLA [SportsNet LA], you’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, you know how great it is; you turn it on and all you see is me?

The Dodgers’ president danced around the variables that finally came together to make this deal happen, but undoubtedly fans don’t care much about how it happened, they’re just happy it’s finally done.

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  1. I was fooled twice by an ATT rep telling me they had the Dodger Snla channel. They didn’t and when I asked about it they denied and lied, their rep showed me on a schedule where the Time warner channel was. They wouldn’t let me get out of my contract. I finally got Spectrum to help and have been happy ever since. Even though ATT has the Dodgers station I won’t go back, they charge too much and I’m tired of their tactics.

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