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Dodgers Progressing on Blockbuster Deal to Land Max Scherzer and Trea Turner

This has been one of the wildest trade deadlines in recent Dodgers memory. With all of the rumors circulating, it’s been especially difficult to get accurate information from guys that are usually very reliable. This latest news will quite literally break the internet in Los Angeles. 

Just hours after it was announced the Padres had a deal for Max Scherzer, the Dodgers appear to have stepped in. The latest report is that the 2 sides are working on a massive deal that will send Scherzer and Trea Turner out to Los Angeles. 

If accurate, that would be a WILD move for the Dodgers to make. 

Turner and Scherzer are both game-changing players with the ability to boost any team they play on. The Dodgers adding them in at this stage makes them an instant World Series contender. Turner is also under control for next season which drastically shakes up the franchise’s future. 

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Scherzer has already said that he would need to agree to an extension with his next team in order to agree to a trade. It’s unclear for the moment if that’s something the Dodgers are working on. But with Trevor Bauer’s uncertainty, it could make sense for the near future. 

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  1. If you want a dynasty get this done at all costs. The time of winning while rebuilding should be over after winning the World Series. Trade what u have to and also get Duffy, we need 2 starters. With the lousy play, lack of depth, and injuries this year a big move is needed. Don’t let SD or SF go over the top

    1. The Dodgers let Justin Verlander get away from them. If they want to win back to back championships, they have to get this deal done; no matter what it cost!!!

  2. We’ll see if the Dodgers’ FO can pull this off. Turner just tested positive for Covid–but assuming he gets through that ok, this would be a great acquisition, as he is an absolute beast. Tremendous combo of speed and power and almost an under the radar elite player. Baseball people, and knowledgeable Baseball fans, have known for a few years now, just how impactful a player he is. Don’t need to say much more about Max–his record speaks for himself.
    If this deal happens, if, regardless of how it all turns out–it would be great to see the FO go for the gold.

  3. Not sure how they make it happen, without throwing in some of Dodgers major league talent? Lux in the deal maybe, Josiah Gray too

    1. Yeah, you would think that current Major League talent would be included in this deal. A position player and a pitcher like Lux and Gray, as you said.

        1. Imo we need to win as many championships as we can before the Giants and Padres are really good not just good like they are now. There is also no way this team as it was before this trade was going to go anywhere. This year and next year is our window for more titles

      1. Give them Lux who can’t bat his weight but is a serviceable infielder except for that erratic arm of his. He won’t cut down his swing and he can’t hit the breaking ball, irregardless of what they are throwing up there. If Seager comes back then what does he do? We should have traded him when everybody wanted him for someone who could hit the curve and maybe a few other pitches as well. Gray is not going anywhere…he has already shown he’s not ready for a place in the regular rotation on more than a look-see basis.His status all depends on how May comes back from a Tommy John tune-up.And what Gonsolin does the rest of this year.

    2. There is no doubt about AF’s commitment to winning. Trea Turner is batting 322 with 18:home runs. He is under control for another year. This is big insurance against losing Seager in a Boras free for all bidding war. Sherzer’s value is obvious, and even more so if AF immediately extends him, which is what Sherzer said it would take to OK a trade. We gave up Ruiz and Gray. That’s OK as long as we can extend Sherzer.. We are going back to back. This deal is sweet for another reason. We pulled the rug out from under the Padres.

      1. YES! The Padres and their fans must be pretty miffed. Too bad….
        And it is even sweeter that they once had Turner.

        I HATE losing Ruiz but figured it was only a matter of time before they coughed him up. I dreaded it but knew it was coming. I think he will be another Carlos Santana-type of loss, only a more complete player than Santana was. So, it will hurt to see him become an All-Star with another team. I love switch-hitting catchers with sock.

  4. Interesting how this protects the team against losing both Kershaw and Seager in free agency at least in the short term.

  5. It’s Gray, Ruiz, Carillo, and Casey. Hate to lose Gray and Ruiz, but with guys like May and Gonsolin pitching, and Cartaya showing a lot of promise as a catcher, it’s doable. Especially if we can get Scherzer to reup for a couple years and Turner long term. He is a major defensive upgrade at ss, let’s hope we’re smart enough to p,au him there.

  6. If this happens – and it seems it will – there should never be another fool ever suggesting the Dodgers need to get rid of Friedman. To get these guys while keeping Pepiot, Miller, Busch, and Cartaya is amazing.

    1. And Trea Turner is versatile enough that he can also play 2nd and in the OF as well. Of course he goes to SS next year should Boras take Seager elsewhere in 2022.

    2. I always believed Friedman and the FO will get something big done to help this team, like getting Betts last yr. even he was a rental @ the time. This team is so close to attaining another championship, but we needed just another solid piece or two to jump start into a dynamic team. Regardless a rental or not, if you want a championship you have to make some sacrifices and be aggressive to go get the players. We were clamoring for a big RH bat w/ hard contact and power, which I thought they had Bryant in mind, but Turner is a better bonus w/ speed and control to the end of 2022. Scherzer is a big surprise because the Padres almost had a signed contract, and I thought Scherzer might have picked the Giants because of the wins over the Dodgers, being in 1st for almost a month and the smart dealings of Zaidi. I can see this signing will also bolster the BP, by pushing a couple of the guys to the pen. But WSS if the team can do their part.
      To all those who wanted the Dodgers to just stand down, not do anything, and save only “possible- potential” players, you are not in championship thinking but stuck in status quo and fans of the Giants or Padres.

  7. Now if they can only trade roberts. He’ll find some way of screwing things up. Bellinger is still batting 5th in the lineup. There are no analytics that can possibly state that bellinger should be batting 5th much less be in the lineup. Excited to get mad max and turner. Once Seager gets back dump Lux and try Seager at 2nd until Boras wants too much for Seager then let Seager go. CT3 can play 2nd. Sorry to lose Gray and Ruiz but they are only “prospects” and not proven like max and trea. Look how well our other prospects have been doing for us when given the chance to perform at the beg league level. None have been impressive. Good trade as SF and Padres are legit this year.

    1. Raley, Neuse, and Peters were hardly good “prospects.” They are in no way comparable to either Ruiz or Gray.

      It hurts to lose the latter two, especially when we see them for years to come in Washington. Ruiz is a good bet to be an annual All-Star, and Gray will be a solid rotation piece.

      That being said, I am excited to get Turner and Scherzer and hope that both are here beyond 2022 and 2021, respectively.

  8. Yep. Scherzer money will be the one allocated from Bauer since Dodgers definitely not having Bauer back in 2022. Turner coming in pretty much says “bye bye” to Seager.

    1. It’s not yet certain that Seager won’t back. We won’t find that out until sometime during the off season. As I said, Trea Turner has some versatility and can play 2nd or in OF. But of course then if Seager walks, then Trea Turner plays SS. WSS

  9. Its not July 30 yet! Perhaps Friedman wanted to secure Trae Turner FIRST before he deals Lux to Minn for Barrios…..

  10. Here’s the thing: Friedman is definitely what everyone expected as he “graduated” from Tampa Bay to ‘unlimited resources’ Dodger.

    What people aren’t equating is what Zaidi has meant to the Giants. They’re in 1st place right now! And, the Dodgers only seem to be trying to catch them.

    To me, that means Dave Roberts is the problem!! It wasn’t Zaidi like a lot of us thought (me included) that was the problem; Zaidi made Roberts a better manager. Now that he’s gone, and Friedman is still knocking it out of the park, but the Dodgers aren’t, leaves Roberts as the issue.

    Right a 22-year wrong by brining back Scioscia! It’s time…

  11. If Betts and Seager have any continuing issues with injuries/inconsistency the remainder of the season, then Trea Turner as soon as he joins the ballclub after his Covid stint, instantly becomes the best position player on the Dodgers. You could make a case, that even if Betts and/or Seager come back strong–Turner still might be the best player on the team–that’s how good he is. As excited as we all are about getting Max–getting Turner is like the biggest “Cherry on top” imaginable.

  12. Can’t believe we got Trea. He’ll play 2nd as long as Corey is at SS. Trea is under control for 2022 season also. Two Max’s on the team now, and two Turners. How fun is that? Friedman is GM of the year – again!! Nice try Zaidi!

  13. What makes everyone think we can go all the way? We have a manager who has lost 19 one run games already with two months left. It alway’s has been managers were judged by one run games. He hasn’t played any small ball, he waits on the homer. We don’t, or we are told not to swing on the first pitch and that puts the hitters in the hole, he is so enamored with a walk he puts the hitters at a disadvantage. His managing of the bullpen is abysmal, Kenley is not what he use to be, no cutter and when he finds his fast ball it’s too late.

    I probably shouldn’t be surprised he has never managed before.

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