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Dodgers: Pros and Cons of Another Season of Dave Roberts at The Helm

In four games in the NLDS, the Dodgers’ 2022 season ended abruptly, and it came at the hands of their division rivals San Diego Padres. All Dodger fans were shocked and disgusted with the shortcoming and many of the deficiencies that the Dodgers have endured throughout the years.

Especially after Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts guaranteed a World Series victory before the start of the season on the Dan Patrick show.

Many of those shortcomings have come with Roberts at the helm for Los Angeles. However, the Dodgers have also been very successful under Roberts and have become the model franchise in all sports, not just baseball.

Regardless of how you feel about Roberts, he will be back for the 2023 season. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Doc returning for his eighth season as the manager for the Boys in Blue.

The Dodgers have not been this good for such a long period of time, and Roberts has a lot to do with that. In his seven years as manager Roberts has a record of 653-380 with a 63% winning percentage.

He has won 100 plus games in four seasons and would have won 100 plus games in 2020 if it wasn’t for a global pandemic. Doc has led this team to three World Series appearances and won one in 2020.

The Dodgers have been relevant, they have been winning, and they have stars, and Roberts is a huge reason for that. He’s one of the most successful baseball managers, and the organization rewards him by setting him up with the right players.

The Dodgers also gave Doc a three-year extension at the start of the 2022 season, so he will be here at least until 2024.

Many die-hard fans are not in favor of Roberts. The finger is constantly pointed at him, and you can’t blame them.

He is the ultimate scapegoat, and that is due to his questionable decision-making. Especially in the playoffs, which is a huge reason they only have one World Series in seven years as manager.

Just recently, in this year’s postseason, Tyler Anderson was dealing through five innings, allowing only two hits, two walks, and six strikeouts in 86 pitches. But Roberts decided to pull him out, and it all went downhill. With getting bogged down in details, Roberts constantly either pulls out pitchers too soon, pulls them out too late, or goes with the wrong guy at the moment.

It has happened repeatedly, and many Dodger fans have had enough of Roberts. The Dodgers’ offense sometimes doesn’t help, but Doc’s mistakes are apparent.

What Now?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Doc is here to stay whether we like it or not. I pray he doesn’t repeat his mistakes and guides this team right where we belong.

What is your opinion on Dave Roberts, Dodger fans?

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Ricardo Sandoval

I write about sports. Staff writer at Dodgers Nation, LA Sports Report network of sites, and Newsweek. I’m also lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan.


  1. Seriously, who do you replace him with? Is there anyone out without a job who can guarantee the Dodgers will win the Post Season? That’s what bothers me most about the complainers. Does Roberts screw up in the Postseason? Yes. Is there a manager out there who doesn’t? That is available? I kinda doubt it. Are the complainers willing watch the Dodgers take a step back – at least temporarily – when a new guy takes over, as usually happens? I think not.

    1. It actually wouldn’t matter who is manager during October when there’s usually no offense by the team anywhere to be found in these PS series. 2022 is a classic example of what I’m saying here.

    2. Rainbirdmuse, your comment makes sense if it happened in a couple of postseasons. Not 6 out of 7! WTH man? This guy clearly chokes under pressure. And someone needs to be accountable for the team choking with RISP. Get Mike Scioscia in there. Damn, pay me a couple $mil, I can do better than that. Who takes TA out of an elimination game when he’s dominating?

  2. Ultimately it’s the PLAYERS who play the game and not the manager. Dave has made some monumental booboo’s, but in the final analysis the players have to produce. Baseball, unfortunately has become a home run game a big change from the percentage and situational game that I am used to. What happened to strategy. That’s where the manager comes in and Dave like many other managers goes for power over common sense, especially on the offense side of the game. Maybe his thinking will change next year with all the new rules especially getting rid of the shift.

  3. DR has consistantly made the wrong move at the wrong time with pitching. He seems to love pulling a pitcher with 2 outs no matter what.The bullpen has so many rejects and lids it a wonder they were as good as they were in the regular season I still think the Darvish signing was the worst when Verlander was avaiilable I think the team panics.for what ever reason come playoffs instead of doing what got them there I do not know who makes the decitions. but too many wrong moves cost thben a shot at a ring

  4. DR has made very questionable pitcing decisions not just in this year’s PS but several in past Octobers. But I got to put a big blame on an offense that usually never shows up in October and a lack of in game adjustments is well chronicled. It actually was hard to believe what I was seeing from an offense that struck out in those games like there’s no tomorrow. 5 for 34 with RISP and it’s no real surprise Dodgers were dispatched quickly from the NLDS.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me I’ve been watching the Dodgers for 40 years I’m a true dodger fan but I sit there and absolutely get amazed at Dave Roberts and then I say to myself but I’m not a manager so maybe he knows what he’s doing obviously he doesn’t I always seem to make the right comment and then just sit there and watch it all happen anyway I feel better at least people agree with me sometimes I wonder I double guess myself thank you guys glad it’s not only me He is OK and someways but somebody else should make the pitching decisions LOL

  5. Any baseball guy can win with this size payroll. The problem obviously is game management and Roberts continues to scew up because he relies too much on the numbers. Great managers won games by managing the game as it plays out. And the other problem is as long as Andrew Friedman is running the organization it will be the same with any manager that comes in. As long as Robert continues to say “ yes daddy” to Friedman the same results will continue.

  6. Better to pull a man to early than to late…a la 7th inning of Kershaw….and look at it this way, WE GOT CHEATED OUT OF 2017…and the same cheating A-hole who coached 3rd base, was mgr of Boston the next year…you don’t think they were cheating too(remember Houston didn’t get busted until 2019…) and do you think Boston players were going to come out after they saw what happened to Asstros players…And don’t you think the Comish wanted this to stop….So my point is, if we had won 2017 &18 then 20 would anybody blame the mgr….No they would be blaming the pitcher, or hitter who didn’t do their job when called upon….

  7. Roberts needs to hire Mike Soscia as a bench coach and turn the pitching decisions over to Soscia. Roberts cost us the NLDS!

    1. Again I put a big blame on the offense where the hitters continue not to show up every October.

  8. Not a Roberts fan as he chokes in the playoffs by making horrendous decisions. Remember last year when Sherzer came in to close out the giants playoff game. Oh yeah, he had a dead arm the rest of the playoffs and HAD NEVER pitched in relief. What about the year that the Nationals beat us to advance. He let Kershaw stay in the game way too long. That was the year that Clayton gave up a ton of home runs and that is exactly what helped us lose the game and the series.

  9. I can give you my opinion, but first I have to check the computer and see what the analytics say i should write.
    And that’s what’s wrong with Roberts and Friedman.

  10. Really??? Dont repeat his mistakes..he done it every year.. and you think miraculously he will stop are as naive as management that keeps bring him back.. He is a proven loser.. just look at his post season record…I don’t get any of you… just be another good regular season and i bid post bust

  11. “The Dodgers have not been this good for such a long period of time, and Roberts has a lot to do with that. In his seven years as manager Roberts has a record of 653-380 with a 63% winning percentage.” Roberts the Clown has NOTHING to do with this! He is an impediment! A monkey could manage this team with the caliber of players we’ve had over the last several years. You piss me off!

  12. What I don’t understand, is why hasn’t he learned from his mistakes? I don’t care how many wins we have during the season if we keep coming up short in October. I can understand a couple of postseasons where we come up short, but 6 out of 7 with this roster? Something’s gotta give. I can tell you that a LOT of fans are NOT going to be excited about the regular season. I wonder if the attendance will drop at Dodger stadium. Who can get excited about winning the NL West when we choke in the playoffs.

  13. I really think Dave Roberts is not good at making good pitching choices. Think of how many times he leaves people in too long and yes everyone has a bad day but you have to be smart enough to react to that in a timely manner and leave people in when they are on fire. Even the Padres admitted they were shocked when he pulled Anderson. What does that tell you? And it’s like he has a game plan and can’t make in the moment adjustments. So for me I am deeply sad that Friedmann is supporting him for another year. Yeah he has done well in the regular season, but he has sucked in the Post Season too many times to be given another chance. Maybe they should have the pitching coach make the pitching adjustments. Wouldn’t they know the pitchers the absolute best.

  14. I watch the Dodgers all season full knowing Roberts will make a bonehead move in the playoffs. I will say he is consistant every time.i the tv :Whats he doing”. He just can’t heip it Frustrating as hell to loose that way..

  15. Making the wrong decisions time after time in regards to his pitching staff. Pulling Anderson out after 5 innings is just an example of his poor decisions in regards to the ENTIRE pitching staff – not just the relievers. He is so set on changing pitchers after 1 inning. Why you ask? He basically has insinuated to his staff – pitch as hard and as well for 1 inning and I’ll bring the next guy in next inning. Anderson should have gone as long as he was NOT getting into trouble. Then bring in a reliever. If the reliever gets 3 outs in under 15 pitches, let him continue! Many of the relievers got 3 outs with under 12 pitches. Let them pitch another 10-15 pitches – this demonstrates that he’s on. He never will know if the next guy is “on or off”; so, each inning is like rolling the dice (hope that the next guy is on, etc, etc, etc. Poor decision making on our pitchers is what cost us. Yes, if the hitters don’t hit, we can’t win but why bring in a reliever who may not be ON. Leave the first guy that got 3 out!

  16. Roberts is not a manager…he’s only the messenger from the field house front office. He’s decision process does not consider game situations and hitting for runs with RISP, but has the Dodgers trying to hit the long ball at every AB. The string of base hits scores runs and wins ballgames. He has yet to learn what talent he has on the bench and thank God the MLB has outlawed the “Shift” defense. Rather than than play run prevent positioning defense. Hugging the baseline (3rd and 1st base) when they lead in the latter innings. Prevent Doubles defense when the opposing runners are in scoring position…..bunting and stealing bases to generate runs wins game.
    Roberts would be Scorched by Tommie L if he were sitting in the dugout. Okay the game like it’s supposed to be played. So that and the real True Dodgers baseball fam will come back.

  17. Roberts is like Kershaw. They both have a great regular season and struggled in the postseason. He’s not a good manager. He makes dumb desicions all the time. Not looking forward yet for next season. It’s just very painful. The only reason why Roberts has that winning percentage is because the Dodgers have got a good team. I bet if he goes to the Cubs, Reds, Pirates to name a few, let’s see if he would win their division. I doubt it. Roberts sucks. Period.

  18. The best thing about the Dodgers retaining Roberts is I won’t waste any of my free time watching this season cause I already know the outcome. Outside winning a short season with no fans Mickey Mouse ring the Dodgers have choked every year. Bad decision making almost every postseason. Wow so hard to make the playoffs when you have the biggest payroll in the sport.

  19. Ordinarily I’d disagree and have a big problem with your negative connotation regarding the 2020 WS win, but that argument is starting to hold more water as more post seasons go down the toilet.

  20. Albert Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, all while expecting different results. This post is a year later than all previous posts and we have the exact, same result as past years – exited in spectacular fashion. The only common denominator is Robert’s poor decision-making. That’s the predictable part. And to all blame the lack of offense in the playoffs, we’ll, that’s Robert’s fault too. 100 wins, hundreds of RBIs, tens of HRs and Hs all season. Kinda funny how the switch is turned when it’s supposed to count. But that’s where Robert’s needs to up his managerial game. He needs to be able to motivate and energize his players into believing they can do anything. That’s what opposing managers do to shut down the Dodgers. And that’s why it’s no surprise lowly seeded teams outplay the Dodgers (Roberts) every, single time in the playoffs. Just like other years, Dodgers were swept……again. Dodgers were completely surprised and they didn’t even try hard. Roberts should have been their greatest motivator to keep them on their toes. Had they shown some heart or effort like a good manager should’ve pushed them to do, then there’s nothing wrong with losing.

  21. None of the playoff losses were Dave Roberts fault. Until this year, I was not a big Dave Roberts fan. Dave can not compensate for all the injuries the Dodgers had this past season. I seriously doubt that his first choice for a starting pitcher for the most important game of the year was Lance Lynn. When a team scores 6 runs in a three game series, really bad things happen. Motivation? If last year was not a motivator for the players, I don’t see how Roberts could do any more. All the blame (if “blame” is even necessary), is on the entire team. A three game series is not a determining factor for the quality of a team. Also, give Arizona credit. They did what they had to do. Personally, I really enjoyed this season. All things considered, the Dodgers overachieved and had a GREAT season.

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