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Dodgers: Prospect Expert Weighs In on LA Trading Young Pitchers

MLB prospects experts have given the Dodgers current farm system top marks this offseason. One big reason those experts have ranked the Dodgers system among the best in the sport is due to their pitching prospects. Ryan Pepiot, Landon Knack, and Bobby Miller could all one day be starters for the big club.

Alternatively, the Dodgers could utilize their pitching prospect depth to acquire a high level MLB starter or address other roster needs. The Athletic’s Keith Law didn’t rule out the Dodgers trading away some of their young arms. 

“I would not be surprised at all to see a couple of these pitchers traded if the Dodgers they need something else at the major league level this year.”

Law also noted that the Dodgers might be inclined to rotate Pepiot, Knack, and Miller into the fifth starter spot in the first half of the season. LA can then reevaluate if they need to go out and trade for a veteran starter.

“Or maybe they go out and say, we’re going to roll with one of these kids as a fifth starter. We’ll just go through spring training and if someone really seems like he’s ready, we will roll out there with a fifth starter. We got have a few guys we can go through in that spot and if we need to trade for someone in June, we can do that too.”

Law himself ranked the Dodgers farm system as the best in baseball. Bleacher Reports Joel Reuter slotted LA in at number five. However one wants to slice it, LA has an elite farm system.

The Dodgers can also address their starting rotation externally once the MLB lockout ends. A pair of former Dodgers starters, Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke, are both free agents. The Athletics and Reds also appear to be ready to trade some of their top starting pitchers as well.

Good news is, the Dodgers have options thanks to their supply of coveted young hurlers. 

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