Dodgers Prospects: Will Smith Enters MLB’s Top 100 Prospect List

MLB Pipeline announced that Will Smith is now a part of the top 100 prospect list. Outfielder Josh Naylor of the Padres has graduated, making room for Smith.

Smith is the Dodgers #4 overall prospect behind Keibert Ruiz (catcher), Gavin Lux (SS/2B), and Dustin May (pitcher). The final spot of MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 Prospect list now belongs to Will Smith. There are three other Dodgers on that list as well. Keibert Ruiz (#28 overall), Gavin Lux (#31 overall), Dustin May (#51 overall). The three that are also in front of Smith on the Dodgers top 30 prospects.

Will Smith has 9 appearances for the big league club this season. Two of his three home runs were the deciding factor resulting in a win in both of those games. His first career home run was a walk-off on June 1st against the Phillies and his 3rd career home run was a walk-off against the Rockies. He slashed .269/.345/.654 in that short amount of time.

The catching prospect is still down with Triple-A OKC. I still expect him to be back with the big league club before season’s end.

Tyler Hawk

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  1. Include Martin and Hernandez with Barnes on that “mendoza line” = automatic out. Basically the Dodgers with the pitcher’s spot have three automatic outs in their line-up. No wonder they can’t win the World Series.

      1. AZUL, you are right as rain!!!! Those three games against the Padres were a complete
        disaster on so many different levels. One of those levels was located behind the plate. It is time to say farewell to Mr. Barnes, and say hello to Mr. Smith. Again, addition by subtraction. The lineup needs to be extended 1 thru 8. Kiki is a super sub – nothing more, nothing less. Lets put Corey back at short, Muncy at second, Joc at first, and Alex V. in left. Frankly, Pollock is a train wreck. If it were up to me, I would not start Pollock as his offensive numbers are offensive. Garcia and Baez are still unreliable, I hope the FO addresses this issue by spending some money on quality players, and not ones ready for social security. Go Blue!!!!

  2. I agree, send Barnes down and see if he can regain his offense to see if he is worthy of backing up Smith next year. They will play Pollock as they need more RH hitting in the lineup. Let’s hope he returns to form. They should really put Joc back in LF, move Verdugo to RF and return Bellinger to 1B, to have the best defense possible.

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