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Dodgers Ranked #1 in Revenue Losses for MLB During COVID-19

Like many businesses around the world, Major League Baseball took a huge revenue hit in the COVID-19 pandemic. They were able to help offset that with advertisers and extended playoffs, but the season still saw significant losses. The Dodgers might have felt the biggest loss of all teams despite walking away with a title. 

According to Penn Bets, MLB lost close to $2.5 billion in revenue during the 2020 season without live attendance. The Dodgers came in ranked at number 1 in losses with over $183 million in lost revenue. That came out to just over $2.2 million in losses for every game played during 2020. 

The top 10 teams in baseball accounted for more than half of the overall losses in baseball, per the report. That includes the Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, and Astros in the top 5. Not a great year for baseball, but at least Los Angeles got to walk away as World Series champions. 

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In 2021, the Dodgers are already averaging some of the highest attendance rates despite playing in a state with the most restrictions. Chavez Ravine has hosted an average of just over 15,000 per game in the first 3 home games of the season, good for 4th in MLB. 

It’s going to be a whole for things to get back to normal in the world, but baseball should bounce back pretty quick. The Dodgers will be able to make up for losses at some point, but you just hope that it doesn’t come at a cost to fans. 

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