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Dodgers Ranked One of the Top Potential Landing Spots for Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers find themselves in an interesting position heading into the 2021 season. Having just won their first World Series in 32 years, it seems likely that they will not go nuts spending money on free agents. Aside from working to get some of their key guys back, they might end up not making any major moves heading into next year.

Despite that, they’re still the Dodgers, and they will still be included in every major rumor. That would include the Trevor Bauer sweepstakes, with Los Angeles listed by MLB as the third most-likely team to land the likely Cy Young Award winner. 

The Dodgers would certainly be near the top of the list of teams that can offer Bauer a high annual average. That of course depends on what sort of contract Bauer is looking for, given his history of requesting one-year deals. 

The only real question is do the Dodgers even need him? With David Price anticipated to return to the starting rotation in 2021, adding Bauer would push one of the young arms back to the bullpen. Los Angeles’ desire to get their young arms into prominent starting roles would certainly make a Bauer signing odd. 

Still, adding in a guy with Bauer’s potential would make any team in baseball better. He pitched to a 1.73 ERA in 2020 and struck out 100 batters compared to 17 walks. If the Dodgers want him, they’re likely going to have to compete with other teams that have deep pockets. Think New York and Boston in terms of competition. 

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  1. Many Baseball writers feel they have to write about something even if they make it up. I agree with you Mr. Smith. While everyone can agree Bauer is the best Free Agent Pitcher on the market and a great addition to any team’s roster teams usually sign player’s for a need.
    The Dodgers appear to have a loaded rotation with lately experienced young arms, barring trades, going into the bullpen and their #1 prospect is another pitcher in Gray.
    My question is what do the Dodgers really think of Lux? I know he was highly rated and thought of in 2019 but he had a very disappointing 2020 and never could get untracked.
    The Pandemic is going to highly affect the freee agent and trade markets. Teams lost money and 2021 does not promise to go back to normal. Teams are going to be very careful in signing players.
    If the market does collapse I would love to have the Dodgers sign DJ Lamaieu for a short term contract. Can you imagine the batting order with a high contact hitter protecting Seager and Betts at the top of the order for a year or two?

  2. Life long Dodger fan here. What do you think of a signing of DJ and a trade for Lindor with Segar moving to 3rd. That would assure Dodgers of another World Series for years to come.

  3. Agree, no need for starters, they are loaded at the major and minor league level, DJ would make their line up one of the best ever, 4 guys in their prime and top 3 MVP histories, plus Muncy, Smith. Not impressed with Lux at all, and he would make a premium trade chip, perhaps for a top class closer. They’d be unstoppable.

  4. I would sign Bauer rather than another hitter.
    Baseball is pitching, pitching, pitching. And then some more pitching.Especially come playoff time.
    Our lineup is good enough to score a lot of runs even if we do not bring back JT and/or joc.

    But a rotation of CK, WB, TB, DP and Julio Urias with DM and TG for depth would probably be near a guarantee a repeat.

    Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. In the post season, it is ever more crucial to have 3 aces and a depend bill pen, especially a closer. The Dodgers already recognize Jansens regression and the need for that third ace. Price, out a year, is a gamble. Urius has grown up and may emerge it Bauer is more a sure thing. A closer might be the key. Bring Turner back but dial back some on playing time. Have May work into the 7th or 8th guy And in post season maybe 3 innings in a key spot. Sin Hernandez as he is invaluable if injuries emerge. Dave, do not be slave to statistics by automatically shifting. Some hitters can inside out easily, Justin Turner.

  6. We have the Young Guns and I leave Bauer and his BS in the dust. We should keep JT, Kike, and Treinen. JT deserves to play 3rd part time and DH mostly with Rios at 3rd. Lux looked overwhelmed completely and I’m not sure why??? Big question there. Muncy really fell along with Cody B and other players but, getting back to a 162 game season will bring everyone back in line where their averages are concerned. I really like Urias in the bullpen for closing but, I also like his ferocity as a starter. Kind of reminds me of Bob Gibson with his stare down the chute. Mookie helped Taylor immensely and he was a great player this year. Barnes needs to get some of that for his batting arsenal. Clayton is the BIG DAWG and I think Walker is cool with that. Can you imagine a rotation of Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, May and Gonsolin with spot starts from the pen? If the front office moves for Lindor they should possibly look at what that means for Rios. Corey moving to 3rd would put Rios where? With Grateral, Jansen, Treinen and Urias in the pen for closing, who could ask for more? Lindor puts Rios out. If anyone, sign DJ and put Lux back in Oklahoma.

  7. From Atlanta die hard Dodger fan my team forever people at my job gave me hell when the Braves were up 3to1 told all of them it’s not over won won 250 dollars born in Atlanta

  8. So all of you saying we don’t need pitching? Obviously don’t watch baseball much. Kershaw’s back is failing him. His fastball is lucky to hit 90. He still gives up far to many home runs. Dustin May and Gonsolin proved they couldn’t pitch 6 innings combined. Urias and Walk are the best and most consistent on the team followed by Kershaw. Getting Bauer would be a fantastic move. You need a star powered lineup and Bauer, Walker, Urias and Kershaw give you that line up and even give you the flexibility of going to a 6 man rotation which would allow Kershaw extra rest during the season. As stats proved, Kershaw was far better with more rest 5 days or so than he was with 4 and under. So yes, Sign Bauer, Trade Lux and a few b prospects for Lindor and you have a WS team for the next 5 years.

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