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Dodgers Ranked Second Most Valuable Team in All of Baseball

Forbes released its annual report on MLB teams this week, and the Dodgers are right where we expected them to be. The historic Los Angeles franchise sits at number two on the list with a ridiculous $3.4 billion value. 

The New York Yankees were valued at $5 billion, which should come as no surprise to anyone at this point. The Yankees have consistently been one of the richest teams in baseball for decades. But the Dodgers coming in second on this list is a reminder of what to be thankful for as a fan. The team sold for just over $2 billion back in 2011, but at the time, Forbes had them valued at just $1.4 billion.

That difference in value can be attributed to a number of things. Television deals, advertising, ownership, attendance, and overall success play a major role in determining a team’s value. So it certainly helps that ownerships’ deep pockets have assembled a team that is capable of making it to the World Series every year. The Dodgers certainly have that capability. 

The Angels came in at number nine on the list, valued at just below $2 billion. The Marlins were named the least valuable team in the league, estimated to be worth less than a billion dollars. They were only one of two teams to represent an annual decrease in value for an MLB team since 2019.

Forbes estimated the MLB average team value rose 4% from last year to $1.85 billion. That would make this past year the smallest annual appreciation since a 2% rise back in 2010. The Dodgers showed a three percent growth from 2019.

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