Dodgers Reactions to Astros Sign Stealing Allegations Prior to MLB Punishment

For the last three months or so, MLB has been investigating the Houston Astros on allegations that the club had devised a system to steal signs illegally using technology. This much you already know.

Now on Monday, Commissioner Rob Manfred finally announced the punishment Houston would face for their crimes.

In the time between November 12, 2019, and January 13, 2020, multiple players and members of the Dodgers organization shared their thoughts on the then allegations at various events over the winter.

With MLB issuing a mandate that organizations and active players not comment on the Astros’ punishment, we review what was said up before Monday’s punishment.

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Former Dodgers Pitcher Alex Wood Discusses Astros Cheating Allegations

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As Houston now deals with the ramifications of its actions, Dodgers fans are still left with the “what if” of a lifetime — the robbery of a world championship and a World Series parade down the streets of Los Angeles.

Let’s all hope that this eats at the souls of everyone complicit with the crimes committed. 

NEXT: The Astros Stole More Than Just Signs

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  1. Their cheating impacted lives and careers. Kershaw could’ve squashed all of that negative postseason stuff that hangs over him, he could’ve had the complete postseason from start to finish and a ring, guys like Rich Hill will likely retire having never experienced a ws win when he could’ve possibly had 2. Jansen was ruined a bit from this too. Darvish had a miserable game 3 etc. also game 5 which people considered to be the greatest World Series game ever was a complete fraud and should’ve never happened. Should’ve been a standard win for the Dodgers and a 3-2 series lead heading back home

  2. Found an interesting post on an old Darvish article I’ll copy and paste below

    Want a real bombshell? I called Andrew Friedman before Game 7, as I am a huge Dodger fan and had a buddy who worked for the Astros. My friend told me the Astros were using Technology to steal signs….I remember he told me about Morrow Pitching especially, Astros lit him up like a xmas tree and nobody did that to him all year. Kershaw had every single pitch he threw in Houston they knew was coming. So, someone from the Dodgers called me back, I told them, I also told them they had their signs, to do something about it before game 7, the guy kind of blew me off like I was some crazy fan….Well, a few pitches into the game, it was obvious the Dodgers did nothing about he signs. His pitching was not bad, his location was good they were all over every pitch he thrown. For Friedman to come out now and act like he did not know is b.s. I left a message on his voicemail and he did have someone call me back. I kept proof of the call, the Dodgers Fans, if they ever knew that Friedman knew and did nothing, they would have his head. I turned off the World Series after inning 2 of game 7. In my opinion, the Astros should be stripped of the Title, that would be only fair.

  3. MLB needs to send a stronger message to the league by stripping the Astro’s of the World Series trophy and Rings and adding “DISQUALIFICATION” next to the Astro’s name for 2017 World Series!!!
    Lookout Red Sox,… you could be next!!!

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