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Dodgers Ready to Throw Out Sunday’s Loss and Move On

Sunday afternoon was not one of those games that Dodgers fans will talk about all season. In fact, it’s one that fans probably want to forget about and never think about again. Marcus Stroman came out firing and spoiled the possible series sweep in favor of the Mets. 

And for most of the game, the Dodgers bats went dead silent. The bullpen managed to hold things together for a moment, but Phil Bickford got rocked in his 1 inning and Shane Green’s Dodger debut didn’t go nearly we well as many had hoped. 

Naturally, the Dodgers are ready to move on from this one. They’ve played very well as of late, so one bad game in the past 2 weeks shouldn’t be something to dwell on. AJ Pollock spoke about that after the game. 

We’re playing good baseball. Today you can just throw it out. We didn’t play awful but we obviously didn’t come in and take care of business. Just get back at it, keep the train moving.

The Dodgers do have big games coming up this next week that they need to direct their attention to. They head down to San Diego to take on the Padres for 3 games and will also play the Rockies back at home after that. 

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For the moment, the Dodgers are 2.5 games back of the Giants in the NL West with just over a month of games left. There’s plenty of time to take over the lead, but it’s definitely getting tougher and tougher. 

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  1. I am convinced that Dave Roberts is not a good field manager. Sunday steal decision is another example ! Am I wrong?

    1. I suspect that it was a missed sign by Bellinger and Roberts took the blame to give him cover. I would agree that he may not be the smartest manager in the league, but it appears as if the players really like playing for him and that goes a long way over the course of a season.

  2. I don’t like that play either – this was one inning where Stroman on the ropes and we gifted Stroman with the third out – first we take away chance of McKinney driving in tying run and possibly even go ahead run second even if McKinney does not succeed we drive up Stroman’s pitch count and next inning we have Trea Turner leading off instead of the pitcher

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