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Dodgers: Reds’ Trevor Bauer Digs at Astros Against LA’s Matt Beaty

This story really has so many layers of fun to it. On Monday as the Dodgers visited the Reds at Goodyear Ballpark, LA utility man Matt Beaty cranked his first home run of the Cactus League season.

That was in his first at-bat off Cincy pitcher Sonny Gray. In his next at-bat, Beaty faced Trevor Bauer in one of the best sequences of the early spring season.

Bauer, a growing personality in MLB circles, motioned the signs to Beaty for each pitch.

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At first it was kind of tough to tell what was happening… but Reds teammate Derek Dietrich cleared things up for the audience.

On the Fox Sports Cincinnati broadcast, Dietrich had this to say.

If you follow baseball this off-season, there’s a little thing going on with sign stealing. So, Trevor’s not too fond of it, so he figured he’s gonna try something new this season and he’s going to start telling the batters what’s coming and that way there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about what’s going on, just ‘here it comes, try to hit it.’

A subtle jab at the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal? From Bauer? Say it ain’t so!

Over the off-season, Bauer was very vocal in his displeasure with Astros players. Moreover, he revealed that he knew they’ve been cheating for years. While the Reds defeated the Dodgers 6-2, baseball got the W in a way.

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  1. That is too funny and, for the record, he got the out but Beaty cranked it deep to center.

  2. Reminds me of a scene from Bull Durham. “Charlie, here comes the deuce, and when you speak of me, speak well.

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