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Dodgers: Reliving That Time Jackie Robinson Raced Vin Scully On Ice Skates

Jackie Robinson Day holds a special place in the hearts of Dodgers fans. Vin Scully also holds a special place in the hearts of fans. This video from a few years ago details a few of Vin’s favorite memories with Jackie. 

The first of the stories include Vin and Jackie on ice skates, something that’s probably hard to imagine for Dodgers fans. But as Vin does so very well, he paints a wonderful picture of that day with his beautiful words. 

Vin also tells the story of Jackie’s number 42. He describes the atmosphere around Jackie’s arrival to the big leagues and the many threats he received. In this story, he talks about Gene Hermanski suggesting everyone wear the number 42 so that angry fans would not be able to tell the Dodgers apart. 

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Both stories are beautiful reminders of who Jackie Robinson was and what he did for the baseball world. If you listen to one thing today about Jackie, I would highly encourage this video. 

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