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Dodgers Relying On a Former Nemesis to Get Them Closer to the Giants Tonight

Time is running out for the Dodgers to win their 9th consecutive NL West title. Chasing the Giants by 2 games in the division, a lot would have to go wrong for San Francisco in order for LA to catch them. But there does seem to be an opportunity tonight. 

The Dodgers will play the Padres in the final game of their series, but the Giants take on an old friend. Madison Bumgarner will go for the DBacks against San Francisco up in the Bay Area. It will be the first time he has thrown against them since the Giants came to Arizona in August. 

But it leaves Dodgers fans in a weird spot. Mad Bum has long been the face of the rivalry with our northern counterparts, but he’s out in Arizona now. So while the bitterness is no doubt still there, fans in Los Angeles are going to actively root for Madison Bumgarner to win a game. 

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MadBum isn’t nearly the same pitcher that he was when he was with the Giants. Dodgers fans remember him as the guy that they hated facing, and with good reason. But his mediocre 4.58 ERA and low strikeout numbers are not the same guy.

But hopefully, the motivation of facing his old team will be enough. If the Dodgers can get within a game, they have a very good chance of forcing a Game 163 against the Giants. And that will heavily play into their favor. 

Go MadBum, go DBacks. 

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  1. Whether they win the division or not they’re gonna have to play SF or STL and will lose to either

  2. That’s the spirit. Anyways….I do not believe for a second that Madison what’s his name is going to help the Dodgers out tonight. Unless he actually has a semblance of integrity and does not fold, this game is another “W” for the Giants.

  3. It went as if scripted (and the Dodgers are supposed to be “Hollywood”) which was completely unsurprising. The amazing power hitter Brandon Crawford got a homerun off of his buddy, former Giants, that tied the game. The bottom of the 9th inning was… predictable. Glad our Dodgers won but we were definitely not going to get any help from the D-backs (although their offense did a pretty good job last night.) Now I will hope that the Padres may be a different story….but all the Dodgers can do is focus on keeping the momentum going whether that’s for the WC game or something more.

  4. You knew, even down early 3-1 to Az that the Giants were going to rally for the win last night.
    But the Dodgers took care of their business and that’s all they can do right now.
    As we all know, the Dodgers lost 7 of 10 to S.F. when it counted most and at least a couple of those losses are still hard to reconcile. But, that’s where they are at right now, sitting in 2nd place and almost certainly heading toward a showdown in the WC game against the red hot Cards.
    It’s an epic WC matchup and maybe the only time a WC game turns out to be the marquee matchup in all of MLB.

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