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Dodgers Remain Interested in Josh Donaldson, Per Ken Rosenthal

The Dodgers have a long off-season ahead of them with huge names on both the free agent market and the trade market. One of the somewhat surprising names that the Dodgers have been connected to early on is third baseman Josh Donaldson.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Dodgers remain in the hunt for Donaldson for a variety of reasons.

Donaldson’s Personality

One of the main reasons Donaldson would be an excellent addition to the Dodgers’ core is because of his eccentric personality. The Dodgers’ current roster is filled with many players who are laid back and it could use a bit of a change — some fire, if you will. Donaldson provides that and did so with a young core in Atlanta last season. Outside of the baseball fit, Donaldson is a personality fit for the bright lights of Los Angeles.

The Braves are known to want him back in Atlanta for this very reason.

Right Handed Balance

The Dodgers primary lineup fixtures are all left-handed sans Justin Turner. Even top prospect Gavin Lux is a left-handed hitter. It is no secret that the Dodgers could use some right-handed balance in their lineup and Donaldson provides that. While he held just a .215 batting average against lefties in 2019, he also posted a .395 on-base percentage and 123 wRC+ against them. In 2018, he tore them to shreds. He should fit right in.


Donaldson had an excellent season with the Atlanta Braves in 2019, posting 4.9 WAR and a terrific 132 wRC+. He would appear to slide right in at third baseman for the Dodgers and would also slot right into the middle of the order.

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  1. My guess is he will re- sign with the Braves because he, like most Fa’s IMHO will not consider signing with the Dodgers for a variety of reason, one of which is the manager…no further comments needed.

  2. Paul, I don’t know how much of the budget the Braves can devote to Donaldson. I think they are going to target a starting pitcher or two. Julio Teheran was not kept, and they are down Keuchel as well. That bullpen they just bought, can only take them so far on the pitching front. I’d be surprised if Donaldson isn’t in another uniform come next spring.

    1. Makes sense, GODodgerBlue. It depends on just what Donaldson will ask for as far as AAV and length of a deal as far as Braves go. We have all seen here in 2019 what won the WS for the Nats…great front line starting pitching.

  3. Agreed! Roberts is a fool. Friedman must be one, too. He allows Roberts to do his stupid s***. What’s that say about ownership?

  4. Perfect for Friedman, hits 215 against left handers, and will be much cheaper than the bonafide superstars that do great things in the post season…

  5. I say let’s get pitching, pitching, and more pitching. Move Seags to 3rd, lux short, Muncy 2nd. Missed out on Will Smith, idiots. You sign that guy and a lot of damm problems are solved.

  6. Sounds like a perfect deal for the Dodgers. Slide in a 32 year old 250 hitter and slide out a player with a much higher top end potential(Lux).

  7. As players get older their splits tend to widen. U stated the problem he hit .215 against lefties!!! He will fit right in..Not! Why do u think he will hit better in 2020? He is getting older and slower.

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