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Dodgers: Reported Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling Trade with Angels is Off

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated]

After the Dodgers blew up baseball with two major trades on Sunday, one rumored transaction has now been pulled from the table.

On Tuesday, reports of a deal that would have sent All-Star pitcher Ross Stripling and outfielder Joc Pederson to the Anaheim Angels, along with a prospect in exchange for infielder prospect Luis Rengifo and other prospects to the Dodgers.

Now Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic has sources that say the deal is off. 

Where the surprise comes is that Los Angeles completed its trade for former AL MVP outfielder Mookie Betts earlier on Sunday, so it seems that something else may be on the horizon, or the club plans on heading to Camelback Ranch with a very loaded roster.

On the idea that something else may be on the horizon, Rosenthal points to the excess that Pederson brings to the Dodgers.


USA Today’s Bob Nightengale confirmed that the Dodgers will still attempt to move Pederson.

Bob also reports that the Angels were the ones that pulled out the deal, which is something that meshes with rumors of Anaheim owner Arte Moreno “fuming” over being kept on hold.

Additionally, it has been something of a straining week in the relationship between the two sides. As rumors of the trade hit social media, Joc and the club were heading toward a salary arbitration hearing nearly $2M apart on 2020 contract.

Pederson’s representation sought to push the hearing back while his team status was in limbo, but MLB didn’t honor the request. Instead, the two sides went to a hearing where the arbiter sided with the Dodgers’ argument.

With Stripling’s inclusion in the original deal, it seemed like more of the same, in terms of excess. David Price’s addition to the rotation, and the emergence of young power arms like Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin, the 2020 pitching role for Chicken Strip became increasingly unclear.

Still, his abilities as a swingman are something that is almost a requirement on the Dodgers. With that, the club’s willingness to include him in what was viewed as a Pederson salary dump came off as a head-scratcher. 

Now both long-time Dodgers remain with the reloaded club that immediately became World Series favorites with the addition of Mookie Betts.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I wonder why they decided to F over the Angels like this. I was hoping they’d send them over there to help beat Houston and also because there’s no room here

    1. Knowing this was a “contigent on other trade” trade; this time Friedman probably has another offer out there and HE pulled the deal. He is really slick and I think he covers a lot of options we don’t know about.

      1. Glad this trade is Kaput. With Verdiggo in Boston, I thought Jack Peckerson and A.J. Polok would be a nice LF platoon. Of course, I feel really bad for Russ Stripling because he would have gotten the regular gig in Lesser Los Angeles like he deserves. Plus, if Friedlink still trades these fellows, we ought to get more from the Halos than a back-up utility infielder and three extra large cheeseburgers with Onions and mayo. No?

    2. There’s room buy dumb.mgmt likes pollock as starter in left with kike and Taylor as backups.Tbey had another chance at keeping Joc but they think broken down pollock can do better when he’s already a liability in outfield,regular outs drop for hits.Otber teams would have released him,nobody wants him.

      1. Maybe we could give Pollack to the Angels and kick in part of his salary. Same with Kelley. Two overpriced failures.

  2. Glad this trade blew up. We were getting nothing from the Angels and losing a 36 HR outfielder and a solid all purpose pitcher. Now we can just keep both of them, and be better off. Center and right field are set with Bellinger and Betts. Pederson will be in left field against right handed pitching. Taylor and Hernandez can split time in left field against left handed pitching. Hated see Jeter Downs go. Maybe Graterol will turn into something. At last he’s thrown a baseball 100mph. Things are looking good right now. The good trade to get Betts and Price went through, and the bad trade to unload Pederson and Striping got nixed. It was was a good day at the negotiating table! Nice job Friedman!

  3. Losing Pederson and Stripling in the proposed deal with the Angels was “sickening” enough . . . . . but, why throw in Andy Pages? For Rebgifo?! Don’t get it!

  4. Maybe the Angels decided they could fill their needs internally rather get a 235 hitter for 9 mill or a avg starter for 3.5?

    1. It’s too bad that the Pedersen and Stripling trade to Anaheim got pulled because it would have been a positive move (to more defined roles) for two guys who have been very good soldiers for Dodgers. I suppose there is still a platoon place for Joc with Pollock, but going somewhere else would give him the chance to at least work through his issues with lefties. There doesn’t appear to be anyplace on the Dodgers roster for Stripling at this point.

  5. 1. Moreno is a moron. Anaheim is in LA? Get mad get out on hold? Jeek!
    2. It was a bad trade if it happened. Hoc for Rengifo ok, add Strip AND a minor leaguer? What the f_ _k?!
    3. Joe’s salary still needs to go, or Pollocks but who would take him?
    4. Mookie and Price could really help us, though we are giving a lot.

  6. I hope the Dodgers keep Andy Pages. He seems to have potential to hit 35-40 homers and 100 rbi’s in the minor leagues!
    He bats right-handed and is only 19 years old.

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