Dodgers Reportedly Close to Signing MLB Pipeline’s Top Ranked International Catcher

The Dodgers might be closing in on adding even more international talent than they already have. They may also be one step closer to adding to their young catching talent at the prospect level. Jesus Galiz is the number 7 ranked international prospect according to MLB Pipeline, and he might be coming to Los Angeles. 

It was reported on Wednesday morning that Galiz had changed his mind about signing with the New York Yankees. Instead, the 16-year-old out of Venezuela will take his talents to the Dodgers. Galiz has been a big fan of Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres, a fellow countryman who is a part of the Yankees organization. 

The prospect profile for Galiz suggests that he has developed a quick and compact swing capable of driving the ball to all parts of the field. Experts also project the young catcher to have plus power in the future, though it’s tough to predict at just 16 years old. But if anyone can develop him into a plus catching prospect, it would be the Dodgers. 

If Galiz is indeed added, he would join Keibert Ruiz and Diego Cartaya as three highly touted catchers waiting in the wings. That could mean that the Dodgers look to move one Ruiz and Cartaya, or it could just be adding potential depth long-term. 

Whatever the case, the Dodgers remain undefeated in acquiring international talent. 

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  1. Don’t overlook the catcher Dodgers drafted this year, Carson Taylor from Virgina Tech. Also, 16 year old Yeiner Fernandez was signed last year as another well regarded catching prospect. And, Hunter Feduccia’s scouting reports are good as well.

  2. I agree with the author. Stockpiling that kind of quality depth at one position typically means they’re going to be used a trade chip. I like Ruiz…watched him hit his first homer this year. But, an MLB analyst once said “not every prospect is going to play for your organization.”

  3. Get the best players at specialty positions(pitcher, catcher, shortstop), keep the best and trade the others for anything else you need. Smart!

  4. 16 yrs old in Venezuela sometimes translates to 22 or 23 yrs old in the USA. But if you can steal a top prospect from the Yankees, go for it. If you have an excess of players at a particular position, do some trading after things sort themselves out. But you have to have the chips to put on the table. So sign this guy. The Dodgers really only have one year of solid catching under their belt (last year) since Grandal left. Barnes and Smith did a good job last year, but there’s still enough uncertainty to want to cover all the bases. This kid won’t be ready for another 3 years anyway. Things change. This may be off topic, but how can Yadier Molina keep playing catcher at such a high level year after year with all that beating a catcher takes? He’ll be entering his 18th season next year. What an amazing throwback player.

  5. Experts at signing international talent. The Dodgers are down in Venezuela trying to sign the next Yadier Molina, and as soon as they do sign him they can start demanding he be the next Babe Ruth. Then they can bring him up too early in order to save Dave Roberts’ job, and then when he carries the team to the playoffs with his enthusiasm they can brand him as “too enthusiastic, has too much fun playing baseball.” When he starts hitting .400 on the first pitch, they can punish him by slamming him into the 2nd spot and telling him he’s not allowed to swing at anything until he has two strikes on him, and Dodgers like Matt Kemp and Zack Greinke can start whispering to the press that none of his teammates like him because he stopped hitting .400 on the first pitch. When he starts making the highlight reels every game, the entire world of baseball can start talking about how they’ve had enough of his antics, and all the team owners can start nobly rejecting his talent because it’s just the right thing to do.

    1. You do know the Dodgers won a world championship last month right? They must have done something right? Yes Roberts gets in the way, but the talent is high and deep, and beyond dispute.

      1. The Dave Roberts part was a swipe at Don Mattingly. Dave Roberts is a 100% improvement by every measure.

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