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Dodgers Reportedly Interested in Third Baseman Josh Donaldson

The Dodgers continue to look at every way to upgrade their team and the latest report has them showing interest in a former MVP.

Yes, LA is among the teams interested in signing free-agent third baseman Josh Donaldson, according to Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times.

The key line from Castillo comes here:

One option the Dodgers are considering is signing free-agent third baseman Josh Donaldson, according to people with knowledge of the team’s thinking. has reported that the Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves are also pursuing Donaldson, the 2015 American League most valuable player and three-time All-Star.

Donaldson, 34, is coming off a strong season with the Atlanta Braves. In 155 games, he hit .259/.379/.521 with 37 home runs, a 132 wRC+ and 4.9 WAR. It was a rebound season for Donaldson as he only played 51 games in 2018.

He was named the American League’s Most Valuable Player in 2015 after hitting .297/.371/.568 with 41 homers and a 154 wRC+ in 158 games. He holds a career .273/.369/.509 line with 219 home runs and a 139 wRC+ in 1038 games.

This is the third big-name free agent the Dodgers have been connected to this off-season, joining Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon. Additionally, the team seems to be in on the trade market as well, with rumors linking LA and Cleveland on a Francisco Lindor deal.

Donaldson will likely command a two or three year deal with an average annual value around $25 million. He would be a pretty significant boost to the offense without a long term commitment, which is probably why the Dodgers are showing interest.

One thing to note is that Donaldson was extended a qualifying offer from the Braves, so he is attached to draft pick compensation. Nevertheless, if signed, he would probably take over at third base, with Justin Turner moving to first and Max Muncy playing second.

Don’t expect him to sign until after Rendon has made his decision. Donaldson will likely be the backup plan for all the teams who miss out on Rendon.

Blake Williams

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  1. Hmm, move an aging Turner to first to make room for an aging Donaldson. Then move Muncy to second to move Lux to… where? Hmmm, Lux to short to move Seager for Lindor then move Lux to … where?

    Too many pieces, unless more guys get traded. Why not get a right handed bat to play left and get a prospect that is a year away from playing 3rd base. Then you have a yr to see what Lux can do and a replacement for Turner so moving everyone around. And if you want to trade Seager for Lindor I’m mom a that, and find another stud pitcher.

  2. Same concern as previous poster. If Turner at 35 is a liability at 3rd-base, then why at 34 is Donaldson a suitable replacement. IF Seager doesn’t want to shift to 3rd from SS, trade Seager.

  3. Donaldson is not the answer……….what I want to know is why does everyone suddenly want to move JT off third?……….Why does everyone want to get rid of Seager? Moving deck chairs around to acquire a .250 hitter? How does that solve/improve anything?

  4. Either Rendon or Lindor. Not Donaldson, too old strikes out too much. We have enough SO artists that don’t move runners along.

  5. That would not be a very smart move. You are actually putting in Donaldson and taking out Lux. Donaldson a 250 hitter for lux a much higher upside. Rendon or nothing. With Lindor that would make a much better defensive move plus a more balanced R\L batting order. Oh wait, with Roberts he would find some way to platoon them.

      1. Ryan, I agree with you and ED here. Roberts has set this franchise back 3 to 4 with the way he manages the lineups, pitching and the constant shuffling around on a daily basis that I honestly do not believe there are many players out there that would want to come here.


      1. Hmmmm. All these articles about acquiring a third baseman. Rendon and now Donaldson So like these other posts say “infield musical chairs”. That is a nightmare waiting to happen. And Lux sits the bench if Seager stays. Wow! Trade Seager. A 2 time Silver Slugger. This guy had 2 SERIOUS surgeries. And was starting the last couple months to look like his old self. Leave the infield alone. It is rock solid. Get a top gun starter, top gun reliever, and we are good. Rios is the Freeze replacement.

        1. Wayne, Dodgers are too LH hitter heavy and that makes it easier for teams to match up. Turner has already agreed to switch positions should Dodgers want to get another RH hitting 3rd baseman. Rendon would be a good fit but as I said before he won’t want to sign with Dodgers.

  7. Interest has been confused for due diligence. No way he is high on the wish list this season.

  8. Donaldson is just 1 of many names the Dodgers will not sign but will be rumored to do so. Friedman doesn’t sign expensive long-term options or, in this case, players who will be old in their last years of one. He does, however, take on junk contracts to get value in trades so he can keep prospects. I’d like to see him take on the Eovaldi contract in a trade for Betts so he’d only have to give up Pederson and Ruiz. The Red Sox unload 45M from payroll used by a player they can’t sign and a hideous contract in return for a decent OFer and a top prospect while the Dodgers get their RH bat and perhaps a useful pen option if Eovaldi could somehow stay healthy long enough.

  9. Here we go again! Boy these people just don’t get it. Dodgers being ‘linked’ to yet another player that WILL NOT even consider coming to the Dodgers enough is enough of these speculations and needless rumors.

    1. These rumors are just beginning. The Dodgers will linked to everyone and pundits will expose why this is a great move. It’s typical chatter.

    2. Right on point, AZUL!!!! Donaldson is going to turn 34 years of age shortly. Why does AF continue to go on these senior citizen shopping expeditions for talent? Go Blue!!!!

  10. Here we go again, getting another Pollock-like has been. This is just another example of the Dodger general manager trying to beef up the Dodger line with a player with no beef-up talent. When will the Dodgers learn. There’s a reason he has gone from Toronto to Atlanta, he is a sporadic, inconsistent player. And, he will not provide the thrust needed to push L.A. to the next livel. Get Rendon and Cole, if you are serious about moving the team upward as opposed to the inclination of keeping all the couns in the bank. Clair

  11. None of these trades make any sense if The Dodgers keep Dave Roberts as Manager. Hire a real Manager (Bobby Valentine/Mike Scoscia) and we probably don’t need a trade.. Dodgers are stacked with talent!!

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