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Dodgers Reportedly Not Opposed to the Idea of Signing Carlos Correa

The Dodgers are going to be active in the free-agent market, that much is for sure. They’re going to be missing a lot of big names and will likely look to try to re-sign a handful of them. But if they are unsuccessful, there is no reason to think they wouldn’t look at other big-name options. 

One name that surfaced this week was Carlos Correa. Given his history with the Dodgers and his tainted World Championship with the Astros in 2017, that seems like it would be a tough sell. But it might not be as tough as it seems. 

The LA Times’ Bill Plaschke offered up the idea of signing Carlos Correa earlier this week. That did not go over well with fans in Los Angeles. But Plaschke revealed that after speaking with members of the Dodgers organization, it sounds like they would not be completely out on the idea. 

I’ve heard some people in the organization are not totally down on it. They think it’s an interesting idea, but fans hate it. But I’m telling you, in a case like this, if the players accept him, the fans will eventually accept him. And the players would accept him. 

So let’s just say for a second that the Dodgers really would be interested in bringing him aboard. What would they be getting out of him? Well for starters, they would be getting one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball. Correa’s Platinum Glove this year would certainly back that up.

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They would also be getting a guy that slashed .277/.356/.481 over the course of his 7-year career with the Astros. Granted, some of those years were spent knowing what pitches were being thrown to him. But Dodgers fans unsure of his offensive prowess need to only look at his playoff numbers this year. 

In 16 postseason games, Correa went 17-for-60(.283) with 9 runs driven in, and that was one of his down Octobers. The Dodgers could use a guy that has the ability to hit when it matters, regardless of how hated he is in Los Angeles. 

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  1. Just my opinion, but why would the Dodgers sign a SS for 300 plus Mil. when we have one in house for the same money or possibly less. FO can spin this any way they want, but there are going to be some hard feelings in that clubhouse if they bring him in. Also puts the Dodgers in the same position they are now with Trea. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. We certainly don’t have a $300 million worthy shortstop in-house, and if the FO feels it necessary to pay that much for one then please get the better of the two, Correa. The fan’s hate will recede with every win he brings, and surely more often than Seager.

      1. Not worried about what the fans feel, am worried about the clubhouse. I would much rather have Seager resigned and keep the clubhouse. I will give everyone the defense Correa brings, but Corey is not god awful and his bat will produce just as much if not more than Correa over a full season, which he did not have in 2021. On top of that Correa’s $$$$$ are more likely in come in around the 340M because of the Lindor contract.

        1. Taryn’s points are valid but I don’t see it happening.We’re just not going to pay that much for Correa or Seager when we have Trea under contract. We should and most likely will be focused on replacing the offense we’ll be losing if Cory walks. That will likely involve positions other than SS.
          Given that we probably don’t want to pay Seager at the expense of our other needs, why would we go after Correa? Doesn’t make sense. If for some bizarre reason we did sign Correa, he would eventually be accepted because of his production.

          1. I’m not condoning the money for either and would pass on both at the money, but if need to pick one, I go with Correa, but I hope the FO can find a better solution.

          2. Corey’s production takes no back seat to Correa. This past season Corey had a higher BA, higher Slugging and higher OPS and OPS+. They hit home runs at an almost identical pace and please remember that Correa plays in that bandbox, Minute Maid Park. Things to consider are Corey played in 95 games and Correa 148, but extending Corey’s numbers out to a like amount of games and Correa has not advantage at all and probably ends up with inferior numbers to Corey. I won’t argue on Correa’s postseason performances, he has the advantage there. I personally would take Corey any day, period when it comes to choosing between the two. Correa is an arrogant, non remorseful jerk and will not fit well into the Dodger clubhouse. There was a post that the team accepted Mookie and Kelly and it was correct, but neither of them ever, ever displayed the arrogance that Correa does. They both came to the Dodgers with a winning background and no baggage. One final thing, many posters on this subject are clearly die hard Dodger fans and for darn sure they are never going to accept him and I don’t think the long time Dodger fan will either.

          3. Is that you Paul? or DF4L? How many monikers do you have mate?

          4. Who are YOU to determine if ANYONE’s points are valid PAUL?

          5. Why would the Dodgers even think about this cheater ? The black Sox s scandle was was very similar and those players we’re barred from baseball . Also Treavor Bauer should not be back in baseball !

        2. Trea Turner will be around for one more season unless the Dodgers decide to trade him. He is not going to sign a new contract to play 2nd base and why would he? He is headed to a 28 million-plus contract to play SS for some team in one year or sooner. Signing Corea or Seager means Trea will move on to a new team.

  2. How do you bean your own player?!? Better yet, bean all of FO!! The thought alone is an outrage.

    1. JR, just in case you have forgotten, we have this kid, his name is Seager. If they Dodgers are in any way contemplating pursing Correa if they should lose Seager, why in the H would they not meet Corey’s asking price in the first place. Now do you understand?!?

  3. Hopefully this is just patter to help drive up the price for someone else to sign him. Yeah, he is a solid hitter and a great fielder; but Turner had some pretty significant defensive WAR ratings as a shortstop with Washington. And, fans would be against Correa for awhile. And the clubhouse? The dugout? How would Clayton feel? Or Kenley? How about him and Joe Kelly? I think it would be a hindrance to our team.

    1. Let’s face it, Seager will not sign with the Dodgers because they won’t meet Boras $300 plus millions and I don’t think Seager is worth that kind of money unless he agrees to move to third base but he already said that he won’t so sign Kris Bryant and extend atrae Turner. Sign also Castellanos to play left field.

      1. I have been saying for some time that the Dodgers should sign Bryant. Signing him will clearly help JT stay healthy (hamstring issues) and Bryant fits the CT3 model of being able to play several positions with above average skill at all. With JT as the primary DH and his ability to spell Bryant as needed the Dodgers are better off. On the signing of Castellanos, that brings up another problem, what to do with Pollock unless they can find a trade partner. Not too keen on a left field platoon with 2 right handed bats, my solution is to sign Joc and put a package together to trade Pollock and then sign Castennanos. Joc would give us a good bat off the bench and then we would not have to watch the likes of Raley, Reks, McKinney or Souza striking out at ridiculous clips. The Trea signing could prove to be a bit of a problem with him saying the prefers playing on the east coast. Perhaps another title with the possibilities of more to come would sway is mind on that issue. I also believe we have a problem with a 2nd base fixture. Lux has had 3 years to win the position and has not done so. He could become our next super sub ala CT3 and then we should pursue signing Semien for second. All of my ideas also depend on what happens with CT3.

  4. If this happens, I will quit watching and will never support this team until he is gone. I will never forgive the FO. This would be the worst signing in the history of MLB. I would rather see him at the bottom of the ocean than in a Dodger uniform.

    1. Dodger Prince, my guess is Dodgers will not sign Seager or Correa, as both are probably seeking contracts north of $300 million which would further cripple the Dodger’s payroll flexibility even further than it appears to be at the present. A good guess is that Lux will be at SS In 2023 after both Seager and Trea are gone via FA.

  5. No way he would be a distraction he is a cheater who should have been suspended if the complained had any guts. Do not even talk to him he is a loser.

  6. Just sign him. It’s pretty evident that players don’t actually care. They welcomed Betts and Kelly who knew they were cheating the dodgers in 2018.

    1. I don’t think that it is evident, as far as with the Asterix. Tell me that CK doesn’t care, or Darvish…who’s career was on the line afterwards…what are you saying? I don’t think that any of the players who were currently in the Dodger lineup at the time can shake it off, and especially shown by Joe Kelly., who wasn’t, but I don’t think that he personally was in on whatever charges and I doubt that Mookie was either. Look where they ended up? And Don…how would you feel if Alex Cora became the new manager and all of our wishes came true and #30 was gone? Would you be good with that or would you settle for another season under DR? Just curious.

    2. Wrong again Don! If the players didn’t care they would want Bauer back. To all of you please remember. These articles are written all the time to get reactions and just show how any idiotic idea can get published.
      Just because this guy writes this article doesn’t immediately change the rotation of the earth.

      1. Bauer situation is completely different how can you even compare that? Again I’ll repeat, Kelly and Betts were on a cheating team and felt no remorse, the Dodgers players seem to like them.

  7. ALL is fair game with the Dodgers…..maybe you guys weren’t around when they signed Juan Marichal. After he clobbered Johnny Roseboro. I guess that Paul was around……not sure if he is 65 yr.s old, or a Dodger fan since ’65…or…his..nevermind.

    1. Bayside, FYI 65 yrdodgerfan is a different poster and it’s not me or D4life either. I don’t have different monikers and I’m not the one determining whether Taryn’s points are valid .Please stop accusing me of posts that aren’t made by me but are made by other posters on here.

    2. Bayside, all you do is accuse someone else of being you. DF4 always brought up history..Don Cato and I knew who what you were, and what you are/were doing… So whatever floats your boat…..Paul is and has been the same character here for years…Nice try……

      1. I don’t follow Kirk….I accuse someone else of being me? I don’t believe I accused anybody of anything. I don’t know anybody here personally. I had thought that this was an open forum? You and Don say what? Tell me about it…..I talk about the Dodgers and have my opinions. When I saw that Paul seemed to go after Beth, I questioned why. He did it again. How many females partake in your discussions Kirk? A lot? So if they do partake in responding to an article, why go after them and throw around numbers like a statistician?
        You’re mistaken Kirk. I don’t play your game.

        1. Look Bayside I DID NOT and would not go after Beth or any other poster, male or female. That’s not what I’m all about here. I simply stated that Roberts began managing the Dodgers in 2016, albeit he did get the managers job in Dec. Of 2015 as I recall. And that’s it. There was to attack on her or anyone else here. We are all entitled to our own views here as well.

        2. I read that exchange and he never went after Beth, he made a small correction and you turned it into something it wasn’t by claiming he picks on women. You’re an obvious troll

          1. yeah Don….a small and ridiculous correction that unfortunately had Beth respond and correct feel like she had to correct her big ass mistake, of which she did. Happy Paul? This is what I am talking about. I don’t even know Beth but sometimes she comments and the know it alls with their stat books have to correct her? Why? and WTFC? Obvious Troll? yeah…..sure Don….a troll expert no doubt.

        3. Why are you acting, and or feel the need to Moderate everyone’s conversations? None of your business what happens between Beth and Paul. If your this old experienced person, then act like it…

          1. Right on, Kirk and I truly appreciate you and Don backing me up here. As you both know there appears to be ‘one in every crowd’ . Anyway I doubt Dodgers would sign Correa anyway. And Seager is reported to want to sign somewhere soon so WSS.

          2. why don’t you figure out what too say before you try to type it Kirk? You and Paul seem to get excited about the same things. Got nothing else to do except sit your little rooms with Dodger pictures on the wall and throw useless and juvenile words at someone who you don’t know? You boys take this too personal…trolls etc. if you had any clue about what you are talking about, you might be surprised yourself just how stupid you look.

  8. I was and was disgusted by the incident, but when they signed Marichal I was ok with that. The was a stupid brawl between to fierce rivals and is no where close to what the Astros did. Members of that 2017 Astros team should have been blackballed. The only probable reason they weren’t is due to that piece of crap, coward, racist commissioner baseball has.

    1. Harry, Juan went after Johnny and conked him on the noggin and lot’s of blood spilt on home plate. It was pretty awesome to see if you were an 11 year old baseball freak…. Unforgettable obviously, but agree that they should have at the very least, had to give up their rings and WS trophy, the manager was fired but the fine paid by the owners was beyond ridiculous. WHY? Your animosity is aimed at the Commis. Harry.
      It all starts at the TOP. The OWNERS put the Commis. in place. Where else do these guys appear from? The owners do not have all of the rights that they had in the past but they still control the game.

  9. The Dodgers should NOT sign this guy. Period. He is 1 of the 5 CHEATERS who still play for the Asterix, who made a pact to NOT apologize for their Cheating, and so….what’s the difference between cheating and getting caught, or having rough sex away from the ball park? Baurer’s privacy was invaded and the Asterix got busted when they never thought that this was possible. I would resign Bauer any day before Correa.

    1. I wasn’t around then, back in 1918, and I don’t know anybody who was. But I was around when Roseboro received a bat to the skull by Marichal. I recall this because I saw this. I also recall how I felt when Juan signed w/ the Dodgers. Juan apologized publicly and later became a friend of Johnny’s, which wasn’t hard to do. The players, the manager and coaches, the teams and the owners, it was much different before Marv Miller came around. But public apologies can go a long way and this does not change in time.

      1. I was around as well living in Buena Park, California at thatime and watched that Marichal/Roseboro icident live on August 22, 1965. Roseboro happened to be my favorite Dodger at that time as well. But today unfortunately we are stuck with the absolute worst Commissioner of all time and space and those Astro players Manfred let get away with murder IMHO. It’s no wonder why even this year upon the Braves winning the WS and after the game one can hear fans booing the heck out of him and he desrved it and much more. I say again:

        1. The owners put that fool in charge and now they are the only ones who can remove him from office. Perhaps Mr. Manfred will F up enough to have the owners/ownership groups remove his sorry ass from his position, That little wimp gave me the impression that he could not wait to get the trophy presentation over quickly enough and get the H out of Houston.

          1. Harry, we do know that most of all the players on each team have a sincere dislike of Manfred and rightfully so. And now if no CBA by December 1, this will ensure another lockout and that will further alienate the players and more fans. But I cannot see the owners being too thrilled at that prospect either. For the sake of this game then owners need to wake up and remove this creature from the commissioners office.

          2. Paul, I could not agree more. Manfred must go, We certainly are not privy to what the majority of the owners are thinking, but as you state, they can not want anything that even slightly resembles a walkout to happen I personally think that it will take the power team owners, ie: Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, etc. to take a stance and voice their displeasure and bring removing him to the table, I would think the Braves could be very vocal in removal discussions because of what that jerk did to Atlanta with the All Star Game removal.

  10. The comments have gotten very emotional. The FO will need to look at all the factors here. Having a Gold Glover at SS serves to improve the pitching staff, particularly those who induce a lot of ground balls. I don’t know enough about CC as a person, but it would only work if the FO feels that he would be able to become part of the family. All players say arrogant things at times. Trea would be an excellent second baseman and would accept that position if CC became the shortstop. It may make things difficult, however, when they want to extend him. Saying all this, however, I don’t think LA will sign CC. It’s just too expensive and they already have other options.

    1. I believe that the Braves did not have a GGlover at SS and they did alright. As a person, which they all are individually, an apology should be an easy thing to do. As a pact, much more difficult. I would think that individually there could be a hint of remorse, especially as the players are getting boo’d everywhere they play. It was about the Game, and who actually Controls the Game. I would like to think that as members of a Team, the orders were given from the top and obeyed. Although it looked as though a few of the players actually were enjoying it, especially when both DARVISH and CK were bombed very early in their games.

  11. Bill Plashke talked to some in the organization. Yeah! Right. How high are they in the bargaining team and is it their opinion. Many fans are against this and they are worth$$$. Not a good idea. yes, he is great defensively but not worth screwing up the clubhouse camaraderie.

  12. If the Dodgers sign CC to play SS for the Dodgers, then the organization would have decided to move on from Trea Turner. He would effectively be just a one-year rental for 2nd base. Trea is considered a premier SS in the league and is only one year away from a bigger payday and playing the position of SS with another contender. Out of Jose Altuve the position of 2nd base does not pay as well as SS.

  13. I can’t see this happening. Think of it this way: what if Kersh is still on the team and God forbid they sign him? After what the cheating did to CK that series? And that jerk has no remorse as it is. I hope they don’t stoop to bring him in. I know its about $ in the end, but I would hope the team I’ve been a life long fan of has some dignity.

  14. There is no need to sign Seager or Correa to big contracts. IMO Lux showed, after his last callup and throughout the postseason, that the game has slowed down for him, and his Star is going to shine. Tres at SS, Lux at second base, Muncy at Third and Sign Freddy Freeman for first. If not, put Bellinger back at first and try Outman in center…he couldn’t hit worse than Belli did last year, and Bellinger had a lot of success at the plate when he played 1st base.

    Taking Justin off third and Seager off short will improve the infield tremendously.

    If they can trade for Castillo from the Reds, he would be an awesome addition to the Rotation, especially if he pitches in the 3 or 4 slot. Urias won 20 mostly because he was opposing the other teams 4th starter, and backed Julio with a ton of Runs.

    I would also take a shot at signing Verlander.

    Syndergard is also a good bet to maybe bounce back if his physical checks out.

    Go Blue!!!

    1. Agree that JT needs to be a coach or DH if this comes about, but Max stays at 1st. f you want to dream about FFreeman at 1st, forget it. But why not dream on and have Kris Bryant at 3rd? He can play multiple positions. So where are you going to put CT3? Verlander and Syndergard are dumpster stuff now. But Matz wouldn’t be bad as a 4th starter as CK is finished. Bueller, Urias, May, Matz…..

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