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Dodgers Reportedly Signing RHP Shane Greene to Major League Deal

The Dodgers appear to be adding a pretty big name to their bullpen mix moving forward. While Andrew Friedman has made it through 2021 by signing veterans to minor league deals and bringing them up at some point, this one is a Major League deal. 

Shane Greene was released by the Braves 3 days ago after being designated for assignment just a few days before. He struggled greatly in 19 appearances for Atlanta and never found the All-Star form that they had signed him for. The Dodgers reportedly scooped him up on a MLB deal today. 

Greene threw 17 innings for the Braves this year and pitched to a 8.47 ERA across those appearances. His walks were up, his homerun was way up, and his barrel percentage nearly doubled. He was still missing bats at times though, striking out 9 per 9 innings. But it’s his history that should have Dodgers fans excited. 

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Greene was an All-Star as recently as 2019, and his 2020 season with the Braves was very good. Control has been an issue for him in his limited 2021 campaign, but a lot of his peripheral numbers look the same. Opposing teams might have just picked up on a few things from the year prior leading to him getting shelled with the Braves, The Dodgers could certainly help him change his game plan and find success again. 

From what it sounds like, Greene could be joining up with the Dodgers as soon as this weekend against the Mets. He would help to fortify a bullpen that has been held together by random arms throughout most of the 2021 season. 

The Dodgers will pay Greene the league minimum for the final run of the season, which will be subtracted from what Atlanta owes him. The Braves signed him for $1.5 million before the 2021 season.

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  1. AF is certainly wheeling and dealing trying to find lightning in a bottle. He hit with Bickford but not much others. Maybe he’s due another hit.

  2. Another day. Another relief pitcher. If we keep throwing these guys against a wall maybe one of them will stick. Seems like trial and error, but I’m not knocking it. It’s kind of like in season tryouts. Just try to have some runs on the board before you put them in.

  3. To Dodger106W, I think we’ve done pretty well with the pen. Look at Vesia & Bickford. Put them together with Treinen, Knebal (sorry about the spelling) and all the reclamation trio of Taylor, Muncy & yes….JT; add in the awesome duo of TT and Mad Max, I’d say our FO is as good and smart as any in MLB.

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