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Dodgers Reporter Feels Friedman, Team Have Been Preparing for Gavin Lux to Take Over at Shortstop

The Dodgers don’t have a ton of holes to fill this offseason. They definitely need to shore up the starting rotation, and the potential loss of Trea Turner leaves a huge hole at the shortstop position. However, many people around the Dodgers think the team could fill that hole internally, as opposed to externally via free agency or a trade.

The Dodgers have a few capable shortstops currently on the roster, including Gavin Lux and Chris Taylor. One Dodgers reporter recently told MLB Network’s Alanna Rizzo that the Dodgers are prepared to hand Lux the reins as the everyday shortstop.

“The Dodgers are pivoting towards other options. Andrew Friedman has been prepared since last spring training of the reality that Gavin Lux may be his starting shortstop and I feel like he’s comfortable with that.”

This isn’t to say that if a better option presents itself, the Dodgers won’t jump on it. Aside from Turner, there are three other All-Star shortstops on the market in Carlos Correa, Dansby Swanson and Xander Bogaerts. The Dodgers could also seek a shortstop via the trade market, such as the move our own Doug McKain has been talking about for weeks, acquiring Willy Adames from the Brewers. Here’s what the reporter told Rizzo about the external options.

“Certainly, there’s some very attractive free agents on the market. Dansby Swanson. I don’t see Carlos Correa being a fit here for obvious reasons, no matter how good of a player he is. Willy Adames is a guy Andrew Friedman traded for when he was in Tampa Bay. He’s a very good player with two more years under control. So when you throw his name out as a trade possibility, it’s going to cost a lot to pry him away from Milwaukee. You’re going to have to give up one, maybe two premium prospects to pry him away from Milwaukee.”

The Dodgers will always do their due diligence, but it does sound like the team is okay with having Lux open the season as the starting shortstop. Lux came up as a shortstop, and played a ton of it in 2021 when Corey Seager was on the 60-day Injured List. Last year, he appeared in just nine games as a shortstop, but the team has made it clear they would be comfortable having him there on a full-time basis.

The Dodgers could still very well make a big move at the shortstop position this offseason — just don’t be surprised if they don’t.

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Noah Camras

Noah is the Lead Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. It’s the offense much more than the defense. Lux will be ok, his replacement may be ok at second. But whoever takes his place in the lineup will come up short big time. 160 games, 190+ hits, 100 runs, 100 rbi, 30 steals, isn’t going to come cheap. They aren’t signing any significant FA’s this year. Not the two Boras clients, Swanson is the only one left who isn’t represented by him. Maybe a trade at the deadline. The team committed to this last off season when they didn’t offer an extension. They knew it and Turner knew it as well.

  2. I think I’m one of the few here that thinks Lux is the future at SS. Along with Taylor, they also have Amaya who is a very good defender- he just needs to continue to work on hitting at AAA

    1. Lux will be fine defensively, I don’t think anyone that they have at second will replace Turner’s offense.

  3. So the questions are: Does Gavin have the range to make up for Muncy/Turner/Vargas at third and does Busch have the range to handle 2B? There is no shift to help with defense and Lux’s throws are suspect as well.
    I’m wondering if this is one reporter talking to another reporter….

  4. If Trea leaves, and if they don’t sign Bogaerts or trade for Adames, then Lux will be at SS.

  5. When a player gets the throwing yips it’s usually a shorter throw that bothers him, like at 2B. IMO a longer throw reduces the yips because it’s an all out throw instead of a controlled aim.
    I’m not sure that explains what I’m thinking but if you’ve played much you probably understand. Or maybe disagree?

  6. All I can say is a big fat NO with Lux at short. The guy had issues at second base making a throw to first. I feel that will carry over to a key position at shortstop. If Friedman and Roberts were so high at Lux playing shortstop why was he not asked to play shortstop when we lost Seager? Because there were better seasoned players out there. Shortstop is such a key position it is best to use a seasoned shortstop with MLB proven history. Just my opinion

  7. Hate to say it but Lux will open the season at SS, until the trade deadline. He’s okay till the All-Star break and then tend to peter out the second half. Lux is serviceable just not a dependable SS for a championship team. The SS is the captain of infield with range, good hands, strong arm, and good footwork. He has to have the stamina to handle the stress of the position and be cerebral savvy in gamesmanship. I don’t see Lux having these qualities in playing this critical position for a full season. A championship team is strong up the middle with a trustworthy alpha shortstop.

  8. Lux was the top prospect in mlb a few years ago meaning his defense is good enough. Time to let him take over at short, defensively he can’t be worse than Trea cause Trea not a great defensive shortstop.

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