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Dodgers: Restaurant Chain Blindsides Houston Astros With Epic Cheating Tweet

There have been a lot of headlines in this MLB off-season that I never thought I would read. There have been a lot of leads I never thought I would write. Every time it seems like this Astros scandal could not get wilder, it does.

There’s a lot to unpack here. But in short, yes, a restaurant chain social media manager read the headline of “Manchester City banned from Champions League for two seasons by UEFA and fined 30 million euros,” looked that the punishment MLB gingerly passed down onto the Houston Astro for their indictment on the sign-stealing scandal, and decided that the divide was large enough to tweet a spicy burn.

Now, no two crimes are the same here, but still you see more from people even out of baseball circles that commissioner Rob Manfred’s punishment was weak. And his credibility has tanked even further in the wake of Sunday’s comments. But that’s another story.

Getting Saucy

So this was unexpected. There is nothing you can say before that. It is a bewildering thing to see, that’s for sure. Beyond that, this was funny! The entire world has seemingly weighed in on what was once just a baseball issue. From NBA players to Hollywood actors, everyone has given their two cents on the Astros cheating scandal.

Now, so has…Buffalo Wild Wings.

I had to type that sentence one more time just so I could revel in it. The thing is when you cheat, people pay attention. People hate cheaters more than almost anything else. In the days of social media, railing on cheaters on the internet is a new American pastime. When you cheat in a way that ruins the game, people notice. When you cheat and then manage to have the PR skills of a tire fire, well, people are going to pile on. Apparently, this includes companies.

Astros Fans Put On Clown Makeup And Respond

As predictably as the sun rising, Astros fans decided to respond to Buffalo Wild Wings in a mature, thoughtful manner. Ok, no they did not.

Way to punish the man! Destroy a gift card that has been bought and paid for already. Much like the Astros and their PR department, services were paid for but not rendered. Buffalo Wild Wings got the money from this gift card already, so all this poor bloke did was throw away what he was supposed to receive. This was but one of thousands of comments from Astros fans who told Buffalo Wild Wings figuratively ‘buzz off.’

Buffalo Wild Wings Makes A Silly Apology

When the whole world of baseball (other than Houston Astros fans) sides with you, it’s a little lame to see Buffalo Wild Wings issue a tweet with their tail stuck between their legs. Early Saturday, they tweeted a response to all the Astros fans who complained in the comments.

Why be sorry? Either say it was all in good fun, or double down. That is what the internet is for, right? Either way, perhaps Buffalo Wild Wings was genuinely concerned about losing the business of Astros fans. Still, I think it would have been more fun for B-dubs to go out with a bang on this one.

AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. Buffalo Wild Wings backing down like the spineless cowards they are. Like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham

      1. Bet if I said they were like Nancy Pelosi or somebody on the left you wouldn’t care a bit. Hypocrite

  2. I’m with you, Harry. I wish we could “Turn the Calendar’s BACK; 10–15 years. Get Trump back on the “Apprentice”… Fire that Nancy Pelosi, broad.

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