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Dodgers: Rich Hill Arrested For Attempted Patriots Game Tailgating

This wasn’t a planned off-season update from former Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting pitcher Rich Hill for sure.

During the New England Patriots game against the Buffalo Bills this past Saturday, Rich Hill and his wife, Caitlin, tried repeatedly to enter Gillette Stadium with ‘an oversized bag’. When asked, the couple refused to leave the grounds even when ordered to do so by Foxborough Police.

Of course, no one was hurt and it sounds like the event was in the name of having some harmless fun. Moreover, here’s a key snippet out of the Boston Globe article.

Richard Hill was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest when he allegedly tried to stop police from putting his wife into a prisoner transport vehicle for a ride to the police station for booking on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges, according to police.

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Equally important, Hill showed persistence; a quality he has shown many times to get back on the mound for the Dodgers this past Saturday. For instance – according to the Globe article – Hill was told several times to back up by law enforcement when they were trying to book Mrs. Hill. Apparently Hill would not yield, and this ended up leading to his arrest as well.

Finally, I love Rich Hill. Already, I miss the guy. This seems like an appropriate time to go back and check out this article I wrote with some fan submissions on why Dodgers fans love Rich Hill.

Hill remains a free agent for the upcoming 2020 MLB season.

h/t: Boston Globe.

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  1. Patriots fan! Perfect! Deserves to be arrested! I like his attitude though! Go Rams!!!!!!Go Lakers!!!

  2. Maybe Rich Hills wife could pitch until he’s ready to go. Sounds like she’s even feistier than he is.

  3. Kind of sounds a bit entitled. Every NFL fans knows you’ve got to have a clear bag of a certain size to enter an NFL stadium. Just take the bag to the car and avoid a scene. Perhaps some libations affected judgement?

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