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Dodgers: Roberts Admits They Must Get Better in Extra-Innings Games

Sunday afternoon was not the way the Dodgers wanted to wrap up their series against the Rockies. After 2 big wins over Colorado on Friday and Saturday night, Los Angeles played a sloppy game and gave up multiple leads. 

That sloppy play ended in the Dodgers getting walked off on again in extra-innings. This was the 9th time Los Angeles lost a game in extra-innings, and they’ve only managed to walk away with 1 win. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts did not have an answer when asked about their lack of success in extras. All he could say is that they needed to get better in those situations and that he felt good about the overall record. 

I don’t know. I don’t have the answer to that. We’ve got to be better in extra innings. But I still think overall we’re doing okay in the win-loss column.

The Dodgers took the lead 3 different times throughout the 10-inning game. Will Smith was able to come up big in 2 separate situations to give them late leads, but they were wasted. Phil Bickford would eventually give up a walk-off homerun to Charlie Blackman in the 10th inning to seal the loss. 

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Losing 9 of 10 games in extras is enough reason for Dodgers fans to be confirmed. The overall record is good enough to keep them within a game of the Giants in the West, but improvements will need to be made at some point. 

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  1. You think? The bullpen is now approaching 20 blown saves in a little over a half season. Those are numbers that are usually put up by last place teams. The bullpen has not been good the past several years but having plenty good arms in the rotation has papered over that. This year the Dodgers have had more Not Ready For Prime Time pitchers take the mound than all of the last five years combined.

    1. Roberts admits the team must do better in extra innings but still is clueless otherwise. If the team doesn’t have enough reliable starting and or relief pitching forget about going deep in October. BTW, why doesn’t Roberts admit his lineup yesterday was a joke with having Bellinger of all people lead off?

  2. A great time for the bullpen to implode with the Giants coming in tonight. The pen and horrible defense unfortunately doom this team. Padres and Giants just look better at this point.

  3. Roberts as usual is totally clueless, Bellinger leading off ? He should be sent down and traded, the guy is hurting our team. No way that will happen as long as Roberts has his way. If we even get into the post season we will be beat quickly.

  4. It didn’t need to go to extras yesterday if JT plays better defense. It has almost been every game one of his misplays contribute a longer inning for the pitcher, although his bat sometimes make up for it. But overall if they play solid D w/ clutch hitting they win these games. Smith needs to block all balls w/ more effort if he’s still using that technique. He also have to have a better understanding of the hitter’s weakness, as times the pitch calling plays right into the hitter’s swing. However, compounded w/ Kenley and Bickford missing their location contributed to the loss. On the road, they must score more than 1 run; CT3 needed just a small hit to bring in the extra 2 runners in scoring position instead of swinging for the fences. They would have won more games like this and sitting in 1st place by a couple games. 1 for 9 in extras is not good.

    1. nothing worse for a pitcher than a defense letting you down. Dodgers D is suffering a bit and that’s why they are losing more games than they should. and yet they still are #2 team in all MLB.

  5. Okay. First you acknowledge a problem, then you go an outing fixing it. A problem with extra inning games points to one thing. Bullpen. Time to atop worrying about hurt feelings and get a filthy closer.

  6. I wonder how many games that Mookie missed on extra innings games. I don’t know. 1 out of 9 extra innings loss. That is a lot of games. Just 5 of those game would put us in first place right now. We need to learn how to bunt and sacrifice. It is not a good idea have Albert run on bases when a pitch runner would be smart. I have seen this happen three times. We don’t steal bases or bunt.

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