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Dodgers: Roberts Expects Matt Beaty to Get More Playing Time Amid Excellent Play

The Dodgers have Matt Beaty ready to go but have not used him very often. It’s been one of the great mysteries of the first part of the season that appears to be coming to a resolution. Beaty’s excellent showing since being recalled is paying off. 

Since being recalled by the Dodgers, Beaty has come through with a handful of really great at-bats. He’s driven in 4 runs and has gotten on base in 8 of his plate appearances. Despite that, the team has given him just 1 start. 

When I asked if Beaty’s performance has earned him more playing time, Doc seemed ready to commit. The Dodgers will face a decent amount of right-handed pitching in the coming days and Beaty should get some starts.

I do. We’ve got a big run of right-handers the next 7 days…but yeah I do see him getting more at-bats. Hopefully this next series against the Brewers, we’ll get him a start somewhere in the outfield. 

The fact that Beaty isn’t getting starts over Edwin Rios and Luke Raley is questionable, to say the least. Both guys have not shown an ability to command the strike zone or put the bat to the ball. Beaty absolutely has in his return to the Dodgers. 

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But the good news is that the Dodgers are heading in the right direction. Matt Beaty should get a decent chunk of the starts until they can get back to full health, and that’s a good thing. 

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  1. Rios inexplicable couple nights ago


    Failure to pursue a foul ball on D

    Slows down running to first!

    Send him down and require daily reports on this slob

    And tell him!!!!



  2. Until they get back to full health? What exactly would that be brook. Bellinger and who? Injuries are certainly not the problem on the field. Oh you mean zacmac? He’s had 3 good weeks but so what? You think he’s a savior based on that. Wow we got a real problem.

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