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Dodgers: Roberts Not Concerned With Corey Seager Being Too Aggressive at the Plate

An unfortunate play in the 8th inning of the Dodgers’ loss on Thursday had fans a little hot. Corey Seager can do very little wrong in the eyes of fans in Los Angeles, but the lack of offense over the last few weeks is starting to become an issue. 

Seager came up to the late in the 8th inning after Mookie Betts earned a 4-pitch walk. Brewers pitcher J.P. Feyereisen struggled to find the plate to start his outing, but Seager came up swinging at the first pitch. The result of the swing was a double play that went against the Dodgers. 

The Dodgers followed that play up with back-to-back singles which makes it tough to not be upset. It’s not often that you see a player come up hacking following a 4-pitch walk. Despite that, Dave Roberts doesn’t want Corey to lose that aggressive approach at the plate. 

I think that Corey is an aggressive hitter. And they were in the right spot, that could have easily went through the infield and have been a first and third situation. He’s an MVP caliber player, so I just don’t ever want to kind of want him to be passive. I like him aggressive. 

Every Dodgers fan knows that going after a pitch that he likes is Corey’s approach. More often than not, it ends up working out in his favor. But when it comes to a play like what went down on Thursday, it’s easy to see why fans might be upset. 

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Regardless, don’t expect him to change things up any time soon. the Dodgers play the Brewers again tonight in Milwaukee with a bullpen game scheduled. They’ll face off against the Brewers’ Freddy Peralta who is off to a great start in the 2021 season. 

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  1. He’s a free agent next year so he better step it up or he’ll be in for a big suprise!

  2. Muncy and Seager should be switched in the batting order. Mr. base on balls is my superpower Muncy is more of a set up guy, the most patient hitter in baseball, while Mr. swing at the first pitch Seager is more of a clean up guy. The metrics are simple if you analyze why they are leaving tons on base during most of their losses. Turner and Muncy, amongst the top in all of baseball in OB%, batting AFTER their two best hitters, that’s a pretty fundamental strategy blunder.

    1. I agree. Muncy is walking his way on the bases a lot more than he is hitting his way aboard. So put him in the two spot behind Betts. When Seager was slugging big time last year, and Muncy and Bellinger were struggling, I thought Seager should be moved to the 4 or 5 spot. But DR seems to think there is a law that says Seager has to be in the 2 spot. It’s time to shake up the lineup a little to try to get things going. This would be a good move, whether temporary or longer.

  3. I didn’t mind it, in fact I would like to see more of the guys be more aggressive on the 1st good pitch. Seager hit it good, just unfortunate the Brewers turned into a DP by a great play by Wong. The Dodgers are letting too many centercut pitches go bye and falling behind counts and succumbing to the pitcher’s advantage. As I said before, Walkman Muncy should bat in the 2 hole, and the 4 hole should be a hitter that drives in runs by hitting the ball like Seager. I credit Muncy for being patient and getting on base but he’s also missing on strikes by not getting in the hit mode.

  4. Brook – did you really mean “Corey Seager can do very little in the eyes of fans in Los Angeles…” you forgot a word!

    As for doc, he’s got to go with Corey’s approach if it leads to Corey’s hitting the cover off the ball.

  5. A lot of hitters don’t swing at the first pitch at all. Others only swing at the first pitch if it’s exactly what they want in their preferred location. Nobody swings at the first pitch when the guy in front of them has just got a free pass on 4 straight pitches.

  6. I think it should be re-titled: “Roberts Not Concerned With Anything” at least imo, he seems quite happy in coasting and NOT winning. If a player gets on the dl? oh well, let’s find another player etc. I think going to the well applies here, you can only go so much before it drys up.

    1. doc wants to win. they try to win every game. but they know they won’t. slumps are a mysterious thing in baseball, one of its cruelest acts on the most beautiful sport. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, all of a sudden the hits start falling, the umps make good calls, a stellar play on D, etc. It’s gonna happen – the Dodgers are still the best team in baseball once they get everyone back healthy. No one mentions Betts – he’s struggling and that’s who we need to light a fire under this team offensively! The pitching – starters and relievers – are doing a good job.

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