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Dodgers: Roberts Thinks Joc’s Soreness is Worse Than Initially Thought

The Dodger’s Spring camp gets more and more interesting with every Dave Roberts update. Los Angeles’ manager gave updates on several players on Wednesday, including Joc Pederson. Pederson has yet to pick up a bat this spring, and his soreness might have been worse than they originally thought.

Joc was originally one of the guys that was going to Anaheim in a trade that included Ross Stripling earlier this year. That deal was called off by Angels’ owner Arte Moreno after he grew impatient with the Dodgers waiting for Boston.

Pederson is a part of an already crowded outfield situation, so it’s not surprising that he’s being slow-played at this point. Los Angeles has Pollock, Bellinger, and Betts likely set to start the season as primary outfielders, with at least four other guys that can fill in well.

In regards to the severity of the soreness or injury, Doc had little to say. His response, when asked if it was worse than Joc or the Dodgers originally thought, was very short.

I would say yes.

Roberts would not go on much more than that, other than to say that he felt there was plenty of time left.

I think he’s…to be quite honest with Spring Training I think Joc’s, really he’s in a good spot right now in regards to the time to actually ramp up.

We’ll have to wait and see about that. After all, Opening Day for the Dodgers is just one very short month away.



  1. How is it that a guy comes into ST injured? Too much playtime with the kids? Too much offseason???

  2. With our luck Pollock will finally perform to his abilities just in time for Joc to be ready and derail his season by cutting his playing time in half

          1. LOL But we all know it kind of prompts questions about his judgments and decision making. As i see it Joc could very well begin the season on the IL if his soreness lingers for an extended time here in ST.

  3. It may very well be that if Joc’s soreness lingers for a while he will begin the season on the IL and that may mean Cody Thomas makes the roster but that is yet to be determined cause there are many ST games yet to be played.

  4. How come an athlete isn’t able to be fit to compete mid February? Boxers, etc. Are able to hit their peak fitness for a certain date, why can’t baseball players. Maybe spent to much time talking to agent about arbitration case instead of training.

  5. So. What is this mystery soreness? Did this story even mention what it was? Maybe it was a cooking injury like Joe Kelley had last year? Remember that one ? Last August Kelley injured himself cooking in his own kitchen. Amazing!
    Ahhh, the finely tuned athlete! What do these guys do in the off-season? Anything? I go to the gym 3 times a week, and nobody pays me millions of dollars to do it. And I’m old. Injuries happen during a season. But we haven’t even started yet. It’s different for pitchers. They can have arm soreness starting up again. But the every day players should be ready to go.

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