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Dodgers: Ross Stripling Breaks Down Difference Between Baseball and Sign-Stealing

Already we have heard from Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting pitcher Ross Striping on The Big Swing Podcast about why technology and sign-stealing mixed together is wrong. Moreover, Stripling put it as eloquently as I have heard that day. He says that to steal signs in the manner the Houston Astros did is the equivalent of a defense having Tom Brady’s headset before the quarterback calls a play.

That really summed it up for me.

Now, Stripling is on MLB Network Radio as part of Players’ Week. Once again, he talks about this aspect of the game that has become a topic of discussion for everyone in the fraternity of MLB.

First, Stripling walks us through the difference of playing the game of baseball and picking up signs organically; and stealing them illegally.

Notably, I think back to a story I wrote in May of last year. At that time, Stripling was tipping his pitches. However he says in the sound byte above that if hitters are picking up on a pitch due to something the pitcher is doing, that’s fine and dandy.

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Then, Stripling says this about the use of technology coming into play.

“Where it crosses the line is using technology to relay signs in real-time where a hitter knows what is coming. There should be no possibility of it. If a guy is on second base and he’s relaying signs fair and square, that’s fine. But if he’s using technology, in most players’ eyes that is crossing the line.”

Once again, he makes a great point. Picking up signs during the course of a game or a series has been part of the game of baseball for decades if not longer. It becomes a full-blown major issue when it’s taken to the next level like the Houston Astros did.

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  1. Both the Astros, and the Red Sox should lose their WS championships, their ring, their trophies, and their bonuses.

    The Dodgers should want no part of those tainted trophies. They can win legitimately, as did the Nationals.

    I am old enough to remember the heartbreak of the 1951 playoffs, and now I know the Dodgers were the better team, although Maglie, Jansen, and Hearn were good pitchers.

  2. Like Koobey says, let’s move on. Don’t care what baseball does to the Red Sox or Astros. Note: We should have beat the Astros in ’17, but the Red Sox were better than us. Still, I couldn’t hope but think we might pull off another ’88 against the mighty A’s against the RSox. Maybe with LaSorda in the dugout, but never with Robert’s. Has anyone proven that the RSox were cheating yet?

  3. The more we find out the worse it gets. Wearing buzzer devices to determine the next pitch? I am tending to agree with a lot of the other fans. Houston got off far too easy and especially the players. I have always admired Altuve but no longer. He calls himself a sportsman? He’s a cheat…plain and simple.

    The players should lose their Series bonus and give back their rings. The rings sold and monies collected plus bonuses be used by MLB to build Little League diamonds thru-out the U.S. but leave out the city of Houston. The W.S. Trophy returned to MLB and placed in Cooperstown beneath a black shroud showing baseball fans for all time how the Astros “won” the Series. MLB needs to come down hard before they destroy the greatest game ever. I’m 74 years old and will get over this but we have kids to think of.

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