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Dodgers: Ross Stripling Goes Off On MLB’s Closure

The Dodgers and their fans are ready for games to be back and to move on from this financial debacle. MLB and the player’s union have fought back and forth for weeks with little movement, ultimately resulting in the players declining to negotiate. 

Through the process of all of this, baseball has certainly lost a few fans. Now almost three months past what should have Opening Day for baseball, fans just want games played, regardless of how few games that may be. The Dodgers’ Ross Stripling knows that, and fears that baseball could be losing more fans.

Stripling spoke about the league’s lockout on The Big Swing Podcast with co-host Cooper Surles and fellow Dodgers teammate David Price this past week. 

Going dark for 16 months just can’t happen. It looks like the NBA might push their season back. They’re probably tired of having to compete with the NFL, and that puts them right in competition with us. You start getting into TV slots, and we don’t necessarily want to battle the NBA. We can’t afford to go dark for 16 months and lose fans.

Stripling is certainly right when he says that baseball can’t afford to go dark for 16 months again. Fans have made it clear that if the health conditions are right, then MLB should absolutely be back by now. While most major sports already have detailed plans to return, baseball is still a big question mark as of this article. 

MLB is supposed to have an answer for players today on what they will be doing, though it’s unclear if they will make good on that demand. Dodgers players took to their social media platforms on Monday to let everyone know they were ready to go, posting a clip of everyone getting work in. 

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