Dodgers: Ross Stripling Happy To Still Be in Los Angeles

Ross Stripling was traded earlier in the week, and then he wasn’t. After nearly five days of rumors indicating the trade would go down, our favorite pitcher/podcaster/stockbroker was quiet. Who wouldn’t be? This week has had more up and downs than a roller coaster.

Now, unless you’ve been under a very soundproof rock with no internet, the Mookie Betts trade did finally happen. Mookie is a Dodger! The other big news is that Ross Stripling and Joc Pederson, are NOT Anaheim Angels!

Ross Reacts, Then Deletes

As the modern proverb goes, “screenshots are forever.” So Ross Stripling, hearing the news that the trade was off, reacted using a gif of himself to show his pleasure.

Our guys at the Blue Heaven Podcast recreated the excitement. 

Within minutes of Dodger twitter going bananas over Ross Stripling’s joyful celebration, it was deleted. Perhaps he was afraid it was hubris, as the front office could still pull off a trade at anytime. Or perhaps in his excitement he thought better of it a few minutes later. Ross is a consummate professional, after all, and will likely play this diplomatically. Either way, this was pretty funny.

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Dodger Attachment

As a Dodger fan writing this, I have grown accustomed to players I really like having to leave the Dodgers. It is a part of the game and we get used to it. Still, I will openly admit to being a big fan of Ross Stripling. Player wise, he has great stuff. A wicked slider and a curveball that would bend the strongest of knees. As a Dodger and an ambassador to the game, he is one of the best.

Plus hosting a podcast as an active player is a unique thing to do, and it allows us to grow closer to a player. He has had many of our favorite Dodgers on the podcast as well, and it just gives us a unique look at what a great teammate he also it. While we never know if this will change in a day or a week, I am personally happy to see Ross Stripling in Dodger blue still.

Stripling with Dodgers Nation

Is There A Trade Looming?

The Angels front office appears to be feeling quite burned, or impatient, or something. Hard to tell. They were getting an All-Star pitcher and a Dodger who hit over 30 home runs last year in platooned time, for very little in return. That said, there are always the rumors of the Dodgers front office shopping Joc Pederson to the Cleveland Indians. Many a “couch GM” has suggested this idea. The Dodgers are rather bloated on their roster, so other than a few players being designated for assignment, a move to offload a few players is certainly something to be looking out for.

Personally, I hope Ross Stripling is a Dodger on opening day.

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  1. Here’s a idea, Ross when you get your chances, go right after the hitter rather than rely on the ump to have a expanded zone!! Quit getting behind in the count!!

  2. I have always liked Stripling and I hope he remains in Dodger Blue. He is the versatile starter and reliever who could be the key player in more than one big win this year.
    Same for Joc. Keep him, Freidman you idiot! You’re not going to replace his 30+ home runs.