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Dodgers: Ross Stripling Still Supports His Former Team, Only Now as a Fan

It’s always strange when a guy that’s been around your organization so long gets traded away. That’s certainly the case with the Dodgers and Ross Stripling. Not only has Striping become a fan favorite over the years, but he’s bonded with the guys that are still on the squad like we could never imagine. 

The LA Times’ Jorge Castillo caught up with Stripling earlier this week, talking to him about the trade that sent him to Toronto. Ross talks about how that trade went down and the emotions that came along with it. But he also talks about watching the Dodgers in the postseason, and how he still cheers them on. 

It’s the first time I maybe understand how my parents feel watching a game. I want them to succeed so much and I want them to do well and I watch them and ride the wave when they struggle and then when they do well.

Stripling’s Blue Jays made the playoffs this year but were booted out by the Tampa Bay Rays. Since then, the former Dodgers swingman has spent some time watching his friends run through the postseason. Understandably, it does get to be a little bit too much at times. 

I haven’t really just watched all nine innings. It’s almost too hard. And just enjoying being home, it’s so weird to watch. I definitely was going to sit and watch Kershaw pitch and that didn’t happen. So that’s a very odd feeling. Something that I haven’t had to feel before.

Ross was drafted by the Dodgers in 2012 out of Texas A&M. He came up through the farm system and spent 4.5 seasons with Los Angeles before being shipped out to the Blue Jays. But no matter what, he’ll always be a Dodger in our hearts. 

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  1. Chicken Strip is a good egg. Shame they unloaded him for spare parts at the deadline.

  2. I read Castillo’s article today and I wanted to cry when he talked about how he felt going back to the car in the parking lot after he packed his stuff and left Dodger stadium. He deserved better after all this time. Sometimes life just sucks. At least he got to be a Dodger for a long time.

  3. We have had several players over the last 10 – 15 years who have been not just good players but also good Dodgers. Andre Ethier. Ross Stripling. Met Kemp. And this off season I would guess 2 more may be moving on in Joc and Kike. These 2 guys have had diminished roles but have just gone out and done their jobs. Great to see guys like Ross over the years who have just gone out, done what was asked, and quietly gone about their business. A refreshing change from many of our prima dona athletes in today’s world.

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