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Dodgers: Ross Stripling Talks About Health Concerns For Players

At this point in the negotiations between MLB and the player’s union, you can tell the two sides are fed up with one another. That’s certainly the tone we got from the Dodgers’ Ross Stripling this week as he talked with Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser. 

The Dodgers’ broadcast duo had the former Texas A&M product on their podcast this week to talk about negotiations and progress. Stripling pointed out that while the financials are still being discussed, baseball still has a long way to go on figuring out player health as well.

The first thing we get is a health and safety proposal and you’re talking about not being able to shower and eat at the field. And what happens if I’m in Colorado and I get sick, how do I get home? That kind of stuff wasn’t in that health proposal…

One of the biggest complaints from players in that health packet sent over by the league was that it didn’t really cover EVERYTHING. And even on the things it did cover, it wasn’t really clear how any of it was going to be enforced. And based off of Stripling’s description of the team group chat, the Dodgers are over all of it. 

Back to your question, the group chat is now, it’s fired up. That’s one way to put it. I mean I don’t know if like hostile is the right word, but it’s fired up just because I keep saying it man we can’t believe that we’ve gotten to this place. 

The financial side, the health side, the public posturing – all of it. MLB has consistently fallen short of bringing baseball back over the last few weeks, without any clear signs of a plan. It feels as though every time they take one step forward, some media member comes out with something that puts us ten steps back. 

At the very least, MLB needs to figure out those health and safety concerns asap. 

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